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Process Discovery is an AI driven approach to analyze business processes across humans and platforms-helping to decode the way people work and identify areas to improve process optimization and uncover automation opportunities.

This automated discovery tool quickly identifies processes without disrupting employee workflows, mapping out granular day-to-day operations where people, apps, and data interact. By pinpointing inefficiencies, you can optimize processes, reduce time to automation, and fuel hyper automation.

Join us for an interactive demonstration of Process Discovery, where you will learn how to:

  • Capture the granular detail in all of your business processes
  • Combine cross-application data collection and AI modeling to provide a level of data-driven detail
  • Discover processes 90% faster, eliminating slow manual steps of traditional methods
  • Kickstart automation at scale
  • Empower operational excellence - Identify high-efficiency teams and see where automation can improve CX, resolve bottlenecks, and boost compliance.

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