In a largely digital world, savvy customers expect a fast and spontaneous response to a service inquiry. As a result, how quickly and effectively your contact center agents can resolve customer issues during the first call becomes vitally important.

Your contact center holds the key to the success of customer experience (CX) and overall company brand strategy. However, with call volume increasing by 600% in some industries since the pandemic (Deloitte, 2022) and agent attrition rate at 40% per year (SWPP, 2022), how to leverage technology to improve employee experience, sustain performance during peak time, and build operational resilience in times of uncertainties is on top of all leaders' mind.

Join this lively webinar where a team of industry thought leaders and technologists from Presidio and Automation Anywhere explore tried-n-true strategies to build a modern contact center. You will learn:

  • The current cloud, AI/ML technology trends that are transforming customer services today

  • A live demo of the latest intelligent automation solution to boost your agents' productivity

  • Tips and advice to build an adaptive and flexible delivery model across the channels

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