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Written by Wade Burgess in Automation Anywhere News on September 19, 2019

When considering whether to deploy a new technology, chief information officers have many questions. Two of the most urgent are: 1) How long will it take to see results? and 2) How painful will it be for my users?

Written by Eduardo Vasconcellos in Automation Anywhere News on August 27, 2019

Time changes everything. Especially the way we work. “The kinds of skills companies will require in the next three to five years are going to shift, with profound implications for the career paths that workers will need to pursue as RPA continues its trajectory,” predicts Sundar Nagarathnam, a senior vice president at Automation Anywhere.

Written by Automation Anywhere Staff in Automation Anywhere News on August 13, 2019

How is the future of work going to differ from the way we work today? As we evolve the nature of work from repetitive tasks to the more conceptual and creative, is there a path forward we should embrace to accelerate our goals? Recently, our co-founder, Neeti Mehta Shukla, spoke to Wharton Business Radio about what the future of work looks like and how our company philosophy is helping make that future better for workers.

Written by Prince Kohli in Automation Anywhere News on August 8, 2019

Automation Anywhere is excited to announce the acquisition of Klevops, a privately-held company based in Paris. With the acquisition, Automation Anywhere fast forwards the RPA category to Attended Automation 2.0.

Written by Gautam Roy in Automation Anywhere News on July 30, 2019

From technological ingenuity flows life-changing events. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make inroads into all aspects of society, from reading X-rays to driving cars, the ability to invent new forms of AI-enabled software bots is getting developers excited to contribute to dramatic improvements in society. Much has changed recently because of the availability of enormous data sets that AI can use to help better human lives and contribute to a significant increase in work productivity.

Written by Brian Strachman in Automation Anywhere News on July 18, 2019

At the end of what’s been a long few days, I’ve got just one more meeting before I can head out for the weekend. And I’m ready. I even made it to the restaurant first. But as I’m watching my boss exit his car through the glass windows, my phone rings. I check a text and discover a senior employee is leaving and, for security reasons, we need to immediately remove him from 10 critical systems.