Reduction in errors

End-to-end, business-critical processes automated

Weekly hours refocused on CSAT


TreasuryONE is a leading treasury outsourcer that delivers premier treasury services. In doing so, they provide financial value for organizations throughout South Africa. TreasuryONE’s treasury clients experience a combination of world-class technical and operations services. These include treasury-management technology systems services, and foreign exchange rate risk management and execution services.


Business customers are discovering that robotic process automation (RPA) allows them to do things cheaper in house, forcing traditional outsourcing firms to provide commodity services at lower prices. TreasuryONE realized they needed to automate as much as possible to respond to the disruption occurring in the industry. They decided to focus on things that only humans can do, such as building relationships and adding value through judgment and creativity. This would differentiate them from transactional or workforce outsourcers that compete on price alone.

“For us, the big thing is to have the bots do the heavy lifting. Not to replace our people, but to let the bots do the stuff that bots are good at, and let our people focus where they excel: building relationships and providing better service to our clients.”


Rudolph Janse Van Rensburg, Director, Treasury Technology at TreasuryONE, TR Tech

Processes Automated

Performing settlements
Sending deal confirmations


TreasuryONE leverages RPA from Automation Anywhere to eliminate the repetitive manual aspects of its back-office operations, including performing settlements and sending out deal confirmations. This allows workers to focus more on customer relationships, and it enables the company to scale its business fast to stay on top of the market.


TreasuryONE doesn’t have software developers in-house, so they looked for an RPA solution that was easy to use but could solve difficult business problems. TreasuryONE chose Automation Anywhere’s RPA platform because it could be quickly learned by business analysts without coding experience, yet robust enough to address all business challenges.

TreasuryONE wanted to maintain tight control of its RPA deployments, so they built their COE first and automated their processes one step at a time. Within five months, they had completely automated four business-critical processes, reducing errors to zero.

“Without automation you become a broker of manual workers, and eventually end up in a price war. We don’t want to be in that position. We want to differentiate ourselves with our people’s human qualities.”


Rudolph Janse Van Rensburg Director, Treasury Technology at TreasuryONE, TR Tech


TreasuryONE is focusing on automating the tasks that give its employees more freedom to contribute value to the organization by focusing on the exceptional customer service and support they are known for.

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