A Community Movement in the Time of COVID-19

Moments of crises, as painful as they are, have also been the breeding grounds for some of the greatest ideas and innovations.

In 1933, at the height of the Great Depression, Frances Perkins joined the U.S. Cabinet as its first female member. Over the next few years, she introduced some of the most impactful social initiatives and laws in U.S. history, including Social Security, the 40-hour work week, minimum wage, and the end of child labor. She also introduced the nation's unemployment benefits system that’s helping millions today.

For businesses, the Great Depression was a decade of unprecedented upheaval marked by nearly 20% unemployment and industrial production coming to a near halt around the world. It was also the time when some of the world’s most prominent companies were founded, including Walt Disney Productions and HP.

Businesses that invested in technology and research and development (R&D) during that period recovered faster and stayed ahead of the field for years to come. DuPont, for example, boosted its R&D investments during the depression and saw its scientists make groundbreaking discoveries, such as neoprene and nylon. Those findings transformed the manufacturing world and ensured decades-long market dominance for DuPont.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic impacts lives and livelihoods across the globe today, it presents similar opportunities — with one key exception: Today’s workforce is markedly different from the one in the 1930s. With 1 billion knowledge workers in the global workforce, the individual knowledge worker is more capable than ever to not only make his or her own life better, but also to ensure business continuity and growth for his or her employer.

Introducing Free Bot Pack for Community Edition

Kicking off a grassroots movement to combat COVID-19 together as a global community, Automation Anywhere is announcing the availability of a Free Bot Pack on our free Community Edition platform.

Developed by intelligent automation experts at Automation Anywhere and contributed to by our global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software developer community, these bots are designed to automate processes in key business areas that have been impacted the most by COVID-19, including business continuity, work from home, team communication, employee health checks, and more.

Community Edition, globally available as a free Digital Workforce platform to students, developers, and small teams, is the complete package to help users of all skill levels start learning and building automations. In addition to robust intelligent RPA capabilities, it includes artificial intelligence (AI)-powered document processing and built-in business and operational analytics.

Free bots to help you fight COVID-19

The first set of free bots focuses on key personal productivity and business continuity areas — for example, an AI-based bot that can detect customer sentiment in a front-office/call center scenario. This sentiment might be from a stressed-out customer, and the bot quickly routes that customer to the escalated response queue for immediate attention, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

In the coming weeks, more free bots will be added to the pack to address other critical business functions, as well as personal productivity and employee safety areas. Here are some of the bots you can put into action right away:

Slack Notification Bot: Automate team communication

Category: business continuity, communications, productivity, work from home 

Apart from the essential workers — our heroes on the front lines — COVID-19 has forced nearly all of us to work from home, resulting in widely distributed teams. It’s crucial to keep employees and teammates informed with timely and relevant updates and decisions.

The Slack Notification Bot automates key elements of Slack, an often-used communication platform, to improve cross-functional communication throughout the business and to ensure the correct information is sent to the correct Slack channels and people.

Excel Data Lookup Bot: Search information fast

Category: business continuity, productivity

As companies adjust strategies to manage their day-to-day activities to ensure business continuity, the reliance on data is more critical than ever. To help users quickly sift through trenches of data and get to the correct information, the Excel Data Lookup Bot helps automate lookup tasks.

With the Excel Data Lookup Bot, you can search and find data based on column/row number and header row/column. It also includes some sample bot actions to show you how to run the bot with various data lookup combinations. 

Salesforce Report Extractor: Streamline sales ops

Category: business continuity

Keeping your business running smoothly in these turbulent times requires knowing the pulse of business and sales operations, customer service and support, pipeline activity, and all critical front office and back-office functions. For a very large number of companies, Salesforce plays a key role in that endeavor.

The Salesforce Report Extractor bot makes Salesforce work even better by automatically pulling reports and sending them to the appropriate teams and people in your organization. This ensures everyone is equipped with the latest and most useful information, enabling them to make the best business decisions. 

Join the movement now

The combination of free bots on a free intelligent automation platform enables anyone and everyone to join this grassroots movement. To help you get started quickly and without any training, we’ve put together all the required components you need to build your own bot and join us in the fight against COVID-19.

Check the blog often for updates on the Free Bot Pack and how it can help you better automate your life, both at work and at home — the lines of which are often blurred these days.

Ensure business continuity and work-from-home productivity.


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