Automation Anywhere Enterprise Version 11.3.1 Is Here

Industry experts like Forrester, Ovum, and others consider Automation Anywhere to be a leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). And this is for good reason. Over the years, our RPA product has evolved from automating basic, rote tasks to now being a fully cognitive solution which incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) including machine learning (ML), optical character recognition (OCR), and more. The combination of RPA, cognitive automation and analytics creates a powerful solution, that is intuitive and user-friendly.

Automation Anywhere Enterprise version 11.3.1 builds upon the recent major release of 11.3, which brought you new features like chatbot integration, scheduler APIs, front office automation, and support for Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware virtual desktop (VDI) products.

In addition to the improvements of 11.3, Version 11.3.1 includes features that you, our customers, have requested. Here are some highlights:

  • Bot Insight
    • Support for Bot Insight Metadata on SQL server
  • Control Room:
    • Oracle database support lets you store Control Room and Bot Insight databases in Oracle 12c (12.1).
    • Active directory configuration support for Multi-forest:
      • Configure multiple Catalog Server across AD Forests.
      • Provides fail-over, in case of primary catalog server going down.
    • Enhanced audit log features.
  • Enterprise Client:
      • Integrates with Bot Store for easy download of pre-built and ready-to-deploy bots.
      • Support for user-defined variable in REST URI - use variable for dynamic hostname or endpoints in URI.
  • And many other features!

Enterprise client is now integrated with Bot Store

To learn more about Enterprise version 11.3.1, go to our support page.

Your valuable feedback has enabled us to create a better product. And with your continuous help, it will get even better in the next release, and the one after that.

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