Choosing an RPA Champion

When our customers and partners start their automation journey, they can quickly scale up to 5, 10, then 50 bots, and then the question we often hear is, “How can we leverage this automation capability across different teams or divisions, or even across the entire company?”

Consider automation champions—those sparkling gems in your organization who have already worked on automation, who are passionate about what they do, and about the benefits automation has brought to them. They are your company’s automation eyes and ears, who can convey this message to different teams and divisions.

Endorsements are nothing new. They are used in advertising and marketing, HR, and by companies to get their messages across. We see endorsements by celebrities, subject matter experts, and even automation champions.

That got me thinking about the COVID vaccines and immunization campaigns that are rolling out right now. I read a recent BBC article on the story behind an 1805 painting of three Indian queens, who are shown proudly displaying not only their impressive bling but their vaccinated arms. They may have been the first-ever vaccine champions, and their image must have greatly reassured hundreds in their royal courts.

Elvis Presley did the same in 1956. A single photo of Elvis receiving a shot, just before he performed on the Ed Sullivan Show, is said to have boosted polio vaccination participation from below one percent to over 80 percent of Americans.

Celebrity endorsements work inside companies as well as countries. But they have to be from passionate people who understand the value-add for your business—the value-add automation can bring to your company. We must automate everything that can be automated if we want to concentrate on the customer.

So, try to identify an automation champion in your own company who will shine as your celebrity endorser to get to that next level of scalability. Don’t hold back; bring on that celebrity bling.

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