3 Reasons to Use RPA for Data Analytics and Reporting

According to The Economist, the most valuable resource that an enterprise can own and utilize is data. Data can provide crucial information about customers that can be used to make critical decisions and strategize different approaches for a business. Yet, raw data needs to be captured, managed, and organized in a way that can bring value and insights to your business. In other words, the tools and methods you use can have a significant influence on how effective your data is in growing your business.  


Impacting your processes


For those who have adopted Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and are using an intelligent automation platform in their business, RPA analytics can provide the most effective tool for growth. Here are three reasons:  


Get the insights you need  


With many popular business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Qlik, and Kibana, you most likely will not be able to view any operations-related insights because they do not provide you with great visibility and transparency. Yet, when using an intelligent automation platform, you have access to operational analytics and business insights, allowing your businesses to improve its efficiency and productivity, reducing the overall costs. 


For example, operational analytics allows you to track and measure the health and performance of your RPA bots, giving you a line of sight to ensure you are meeting your automation SLAs. Having business insights give you instant business intelligence on your RPA program. This means you will have a better understanding of your RPA program’s ROI, and you will be able to process insights that are directly tied to your KPIs. 


Experience real-time insights  


The importance of having relevant data when you need it is crucial. The faster you can retrieve insights from your data, the faster you will be able to identify key actions you want to take. Given the large amount of data businesses are generating every second, collecting, managing, and analyzing that data can be challenging and time-consuming. This means that businesses are collecting information faster than they can absorb it; hence, the raw data that is generated by seconds can become old and irrelevant by the time the organization receives the insights needed to make strategic decisions. 


To avoid this situation, having an analytics tool that offers real-time insights on your analytics and gives you a competitive edge in the digital economy is essential for your business. For example, with real-time insights, you’ll be able to see spikes in sales for specific products and adjust your forecast and projections all in real-time. You will also be able to identify a growing backlog of specific manufacturing parts before any of your competitors. Switch to RPA to get ahead by utilizing real-time insights.  


Easily access and share your analytics  


Besides analyzing your data quickly, it’s also equally important to be able to distribute and share insights across stakeholders in the organization to promote faster organizational buy-in. RPA analytic tools such as Bot Insight allow you to generate easy-to-read, visual dashboards in one click. 


This means you can share the insights of your RPA program with others, creating more visibility within your organization. Turn your RPA data into shareable, actionable insights today with the Automation Anywhere Bot Insight.  

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