IEEE Publishes First Standard in Intelligent Process Automation

The world of intelligent process automation is rapidly evolving. The IEEE P2755 Working Group for Standards in Intelligent Process Automation was formed in 2015, bringing together a group of industry leaders to help create some much needed structure and standards to this fast-paced market.

This first standard provides a set of definitions established by and for the community involved with software-based intelligent process automation (SBIPA) so that when terminology is used, all understand the meaning. 

“I am very excited to see this first standard. We now at least have a common grounding in what things are, and are not,” says Lee Coulter, IEEE chair of the Working Group for Standards in Intelligent Process Automation.

More than 60 terms, concepts, and nomenclature are defined as they relate to the field of intelligent process automation. Terms like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), robotic desktop automation (RDA), cognitive, machine learning, and autonomic are given structure to improve collaboration and accelerate advancement. 

Immediately following the completion of the content for IEEE 2755, the working group expanded and began work on the IEEE P2755.1 Taxonomy and Classification for SBIPA technology.

This second standard will provide a structured taxonomy that describes the features and functionality of intelligent process automation products. This work contemplates the different perspectives five communities (IT, procurement, end users, business consumers, and auditors) have on the capabilities of these products. 

Automation Anywhere is proud to have been a working group member of IEEE 2755 and continues as an active contributor to the IEEE P2755.1 Working Group, helping to shape the intelligent process automation industry.

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