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The Ovum 2018 RPA Decision Matrix gives you complete information on competitive positioning and dynamics in a rapidly growing market.It provides:

  • Vendor ranking by technology, execution and market impact
  • Complete SWOT analysis
  • Who’s who in the enterprise RPA industry

Find out why Automation Anywhere is recognized as a leader across the board.


Why Automation Anywhere is the RPA market leader


Automation Anywhere

Other Leading RPA Providers

Built for business users
Top customers scale to >2,000 Bots
Built for developers
Customers hit ceiling at 50-100 Bots (at best)
Cognitive Cognitive
Native AI and ML for business users
Also integrate with 3rd party AI frameworks
No native AI or ML
Can only integrate with 3rd party AI frameworks
Analytics Analytics
Industry leading operational analytics for scale
ML-powered insights using business data
Subpar operational analytics only
No business analytics
Marketplace Marketplace
500+ curated, verified, and ready to use Bots
Nascent, un-curated collection of Bots
Innovation Innovation
3-year lead in cognitive/analytics investments
Re-invest 30-40% of our revenue into R&D
Focus: Easy, secure and scalable, intelligent, open
Minimum viable product in each release
Lagging in pace of innovation and R&D investment
Customer Success Customer Success
24x365 support plus onsite support
Industry leading NPS score, >98% renewal
350+ strong customer success team
Limited 9x5 support
Immature customer success functions
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