Automation Anywhere Announces Exponential Growth With 100% CAGR and 60% YOY Sales Increase in 2016

For 10th Consecutive Quarter, Global Leader in Robotic Process Automation Reports Record Growth and Increased Adoption in Large Enterprises

SAN JOSE, CA – Sep 12, 2016

Automation Anywhere, the global leader in Enterprise Robotic Process Automation, today announced another YOY sales growth record for the first half of 2016 with sales up by 60%. The company also reported dramatically higher adoption of their solutions in large enterprises including LinkedIn, Societe Generale, McDonalds, Santander Bank (Norway), Santander Consumer Finance (Finland) and others.  


Automation Anywhere has added more than 60 large enterprises to its family of over 425 worldwide enterprise customers. Among them are large financial institutions, high tech companies and healthcare providers. The company also reported one of its largest deployments of over 800 bots at Australia’s largest bank. These bots are automating loan and mortgage origination, account reconciliation, audit compliance reviews, customer record maintenance and payments, wealth operations, lending ops, trade, customer service ops and many others.


EMC’s Matthew LaFlash said, "With Automation Anywhere we have been able to automate a wide array of business processes using web-based and cloud-based programs. It has been fast and easy to learn and implement."


Automation Anywhere CEO Mihir Shukla said, “The market for Robotic Process Automation is experiencing dramatic growth. We have automated hundreds of processes across multiple verticals enabling customers to create the digital workforce of the future. This is a testament to the trust our customers place in our enterprise-grade automation platform. All businesses must become digital to the core, and a digital workforce is becoming the must-have for every business.”


Digital transformation is taking the world by storm and over 50% of CEOs across all industries believe their company will be digitally transformed, according to a Gartner study. 



New products designed to deliver enterprise-grade scalability

Automation Anywhere announced the availability of BotFarm, the industry’s first and only platform that provides unparalleled control to create, deploy and manage thousands of digital workers, allowing companies to immediately scale the number of bots to meet variability in their business process volume and their scalability needs.  


Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO, Everest Group said, “Automation Anywhere, one of the largest automation providers, has launched Bot Farm, which provides exactly this capability. Its Bot Farm allows companies to buy robotic process automation (RPA) tools on a usage basis rather than on a capacity or license basis.”


In a joint partnership, Accenture will integrate Automation Anywhere’s BotFarm into its business process services within Accenture Operations to provide additional scalability and productivity.


Manish Sharma, Senior Managing Director, Global Delivery and Solution Development for Accenture Operations said, “Automation underpins the As-a-Service model, providing the agility and efficiency needed to transform business operations. Our relationship with Automation Anywhere compliments our efforts to apply the technology quickly and at scale.”


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Key delivery partnerships


Adding to its roster of global partners, Automation Anywhere announced 17 recent partnerships, including those with EXL and Accenture, to accelerate the adoption of Robotic Process Automation.


Rohit Kapoor, CEO and Vice Chairman of EXL, said, “Robotics is becoming an exciting capability in our evolving solution suite to help clients further digitize their business operations. We are continuing to invest significantly in our advanced automation and robotics capabilities. The partnership with Automation Anywhere combines their global enterprise-grade strength with our industry expertise to accelerate the value we bring to our clients.”



About Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere delivers the most comprehensive enterprise-grade RPA platform with built-in cognitive capabilities and smart analytics.

With Automation Anywhere, enterprises throughout the world can manage and scale business processes faster, with near-zero error rates, while dramatically reducing operational costs.

We believe that people who have more time to create, think, and discover build great companies. It’s why we've dedicated more than a decade to providing the world’s best RPA technology to leading financial services, BPO, healthcare, technology, and insurance companies—to name a few—across more than 90 countries.

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