What are A+ Accelerators?

A+ Accelerators are concise, pre-packaged, outcome-based services engagements. Created from real-world customer experiences, A+ Accelerators can help solve a wide variety of RPA challenges with tested solutions.

Choose from a library of A+ Accelerators to solve any issue with scaling automation

A+ Accelerators A+ Accelerators

Delivered by our Professional Services experts who guide you and your team to the right solution

A+ Accelerators A+ Accelerators

Ensure success with validated outcomes-based packages

Get the tools, training, and best practices necessary to help drive your RPA success

A+ Accelerators A+ Accelerators

From discovering the next set of processes to automate, to checking the health of your RPA program, to improving employee productivity with human-bot collaboration, our Professional Services experts have identified best practices to accelerate your RPA success. Explore our A+ Accelerators library for a selection of solutions for the most common RPA challenges.

Accelerate your automation journey

Each A+ Accelerator is an outcome-based service that has a token value assigned to it and can be consumed at any point along your automation journey.

A+ Accelerators can be scheduled at any time and are redeemed using A+ Tokens. Simply purchase an A+ Tokens subscription to get started.

automation journey automation journey

Flexibility and ease with A+ Tokens

A+ Tokens are subscription-based prepaid credits used exclusively with the A+ Accelerator program. The A+ Token subscription gives you the flexibility to select one or as many A+ Accelerator packages as you need—when you need them. The subscription can be purchased immediately and does not require a separate contract or statement of work (see Terms & Conditions).

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