Automation Anywhere Offers Easy Path to RPA Training and Upskilling

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the central technologies changing the face of work — for the better. RPA takes on the burden of manual, repetitive tasks, freeing people to achieve their potential.

But it doesn’t happen by itself. The new Digital Workforce powered by bots needs humans — people who know how to design, build, manage, and analyze bots and their work and how RPA fits into broader business strategies and execution.

Being an RPA leader takes know-how, both technical and strategic. That knowledge is now more available than ever before through global training programs and courses.

Automation Anywhere University (AAU) is taking on the future of work with the mission of bringing RPA knowledge and skills to university students and professionals across all industries worldwide.

How does it work? AAU offers courses and certifications in RPA and teaches how to apply this technology in the real world of work. With a mission to expand the reach and accessibility of RPA knowledge and training to everyone, everywhere, AAU delivers training online and in classrooms through a global network of partners.

AAU isn’t alone in the realization that the success of the digital workforce revolution hinges on preparing professionals – both current and future – with an RPA education.

Recently, both EdCast and Udemy became AAU partners.

EdCast’s artificial intelligence (AI)-triggered social learning solutions are the platform for “futureskills,” a NASSCOM skilling initiative unveiled by India’s Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this year. With this partnership, Automation Anywhere is the first provider of upskilling programs in the RPA domain under the futureskills initiative. RPA is among the eight technologies identified by NASSCOM which are poised to grow tremendously, both in India and globally, in the coming decade.

Subscribers to the futureskills portal have exclusive access to AAU training programs that encompass an RPA technology overview, theoretical concepts, typical business cases, hands-on practice exercises and globally-recognized Automation Anywhere certifications to empower professionals to lead with the latest knowledge and technology and help students to get to the head of the hiring pack. AAU’s partnership on futureskills will further enable NASSCOM’s vision of upskilling two million technology professionals in India and skilling another two million potential employees and students over the next few years.

Udemy’s global online marketplace for learning and teaching now includes Automation Anywhere “Beginners Guide to RPA” course, which provides an overview of how RPA is revolutionizing today’s businesses and details the Automation Anywhere Enterprise product and key commands through 14 lectures in a 90-minute format. The course is free and includes lifetime access to all course content. Within the first day of being offered, the course received several thousand registrations, indicative of the strong interest in RPA technology.

In addition to online training, AAU delivers classroom trainings to professionals globally through relationships with training partners in the Americas, India, APAC and Europe and works with renowned universities to setup a Center of Excellence in colleges to help students learn RPA as part of their curriculum.

With automation driving a new way of work, now is the time to get trained in RPA. Visit Automation Anywhere University to explore courses and get certified on the world’s most sophisticated Digital Workforce platform. You can also write to us at with any questions.

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