Automation 360: What’s New in May

What can you look forward to with the latest release of the Automation 360 platform? More capabilities for RPA Workspace, Discovery Bot, AARI, Bot Insight, and IQ Bot to help you make more of your automation investment.

Creating a seamless search experience

Now, RPA Workspace when searching for bots from the public repository. They can auto clone selected bots and open the finder component from the Bot Editor canvas. This capability saves the additional step of dragging a Task Bot and run action, giving you a more efficient experience when reusing the child bots available in the public repository. In addition, you can seamlessly switch between control rooms without having to uninstall and reinstall the bot agent, supporting automation runs in a multi-user environment where machines are shared.

Another feature being added to RPA Workspace is the support for bi-directional Git sync between the control room and the Git repository of your choice. As a result, you can restore your bots via Git repositories in case you run into any issues. RPA Workspace now offers integration with third-party key vaults such as CyberArk and AWS Secrets Manager so that the Automation 360 platform can securely retrieve credentials from third-party key vaults.

Enhancing process recording

In this release, we’ve Discovery Bot by enhancing the process recording capabilities. The recorder now starts faster, captures more user actions (including double-clicks), and offers simpler navigation across recorded screenshots. These enhancements will make for a much smoother experience, allowing you to document and analyze more processes faster.  

Improving AARI performance and scalability

AARI Web to help seamlessly toggle between the “Processes,” “Requests,” “Recycle Bin,” and “Tasks” pages. Upon login, you will automatically see a new processes page, making it easier to create new requests and view pending ones. And IT can now allocate control room resources at the process level. For example, they can assign which bot runners and device pools to use for each process in a centralized screen, improving governance over deployment.

Making Bot Insight more accessible

Analytics is an essential component of any intelligent automation program. In the Automation 360 v.20 platform, we’ve made it Bot Insight, simplifying the editing and creation of dashboards. We’ve also optimized the Elasticsearch implementation, which will allow you to scale the Elasticsearch infrastructure to meet business demand. And, with the Power BI connector, you can now access operational data without a Bot Insight license, opening up the use of this powerful tool in more ways.

Simplifying workflows, accelerating training

IQ Bot is getting new capabilities to improve the document processing experience and advance Automation Anywhere’s vision to deliver business-friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI). We have simplified the document processing workflow by allowing you to download the structured output post-extraction in batches so that training document classification models using IQ Bot becomes faster and more efficient. You can retrain an existing model with additional documents without having to start from scratch. This allows for the portability of the model across different environments.

Leverage all of the new features to improve your automation experience. To learn more about what is included in this release, visit the release notes.

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