Automation Anywhere and Microsoft Azure Empower Customers to Automate in the Cloud

Collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving are part of the new partnership between Automation Anywhere and Microsoft to integrate larger functionality for global business leaders. Our new strategic partnership with Microsoft will help thousands of organizations — from startups to midsize companies and global giants — improve business processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Our software bots with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, along with embedded analytics, will help customers of Microsoft Azure manage large, unstructured data sets and decrease time to market while lowering operating costs.

“Organizations are seeing the multiple benefits of RPA, allowing companies to become more efficient, reducing costs through automation, and freeing up employees to focus on what they do best — being creative and innovating. Our expanded relationship with Microsoft will help more businesses achieve these advantages much faster,” explains Mihir Shukla, chief executive officer and co-founder of Automation Anywhere.

“Digital transformation has revolutionized the modern office. Microsoft is one of the leaders of this revolution, and we’re excited to partner with Automation Anywhere as they take digital office technology to the next level," says Alysa Taylor, corporate vice president for the cloud and enterprise business applications and global industry at Microsoft. "Their vision aligns with ours, which is to infuse data and intelligence into all of its products, applications, services, and experiences.”

A thrilling way to reinvent business in the cloud

Our Microsoft partnership is anchored in strategic product collaboration that joins our globally recognized, leading RPA platform with Azure. Together, we’re empowering innovative companies to digitally reinvent processes in the cloud through joint product integration, co-selling, and cooperative marketing that benefits global customers.

Our collaboration with Microsoft will also advance the adoption of RPA technology for delivering a scalable, secure, and reliable way to manage customer migrations to the cloud.

“Digital enterprises rely on innovation accelerators like AI-enabled automation to increase agility and disrupt markets. The combination of Automation Anywhere and Microsoft Azure creates an intelligent digital workplace where software bots operate with maximum efficiency and accuracy, enabling enterprises to unlock the value of intelligent automation in the cloud,” notes Frank Della Rosa, IDC research director for Software as a Service and cloud software.

Just how impressive is RPA in the cloud?

Over the past several years, automation has been integral to hypergrowth companies using RPA as the most relevant digital transformation technology to disrupt the status quo.

Now, to help our customers experience the beauty of cloud automation, we've also selected Azure as our preferred cloud provider to facilitate mutual customers’ access automation from anywhere, in real time, and for any user. Companies can host our RPA platform on Azure, on premises, or in a public or private cloud to further increase productivity, innovation, and return on investment.

Viva la AI + RPA + analytics revolution

Combining AI and RPA, along with embedded analytic technology, our Digital Workforce platform is capable of leveraging software bots to help humans automate repetitive tasks and processes. This liberates employees to focus on higher-level business initiatives that only humans can do.

On a global scale, our customers have benefited from this pioneering technology in nearly every industry. In fact, 90% of the world’s top healthcare companies, 85% of the world’s top technology companies, 85% of the world’s top banks and financial services companies, and 80% of the world’s top telecommunication companies are using our globally recognized RPA technology to reinvent their processes and workflow.

“Leveraging Automation Anywhere in combination with Microsoft Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service and cognitive capabilities allows Mars to move with speed to deliver greater business value and improved customer experience across our organization,” says John Cottongim, director of automation for Mars.

Automation will help our mutual customers do a lot more

Customers can use software bots to automate complex business processes with speed, security, and efficiency. Implementing RPA in Microsoft products such as Microsoft Power Platform will enable speed and ease of use.

  1. Small to large companies can easily access the award-winning Bot Store — the industry’s first online market for preconfigured, downloadable RPA bots. The Bot Store will now feature new Microsoft-enabled bots and Digital Workers, in addition to more than 60 Microsoft-specific bots already in the platform.
  2. Automation Anywhere products will be made available to Microsoft customers on the Azure Marketplace beginning next quarter. Our products are optimized for the Azure environment and include the Express Install feature for fast, easy installation and bot deployment.
  3. Advanced capabilities will help facilitate, simplify, and expedite RPA in the cloud for use in Virtual Machine (VM) and SQL environments.

Automation and Microsoft are fueling innovation

Our partnership with Microsoft will also feature new software bots in Microsoft's Executive Briefing Centers (EBCs) globally to speed the world of business. Our joint effort will add value to customers to experience hands-on demonstrations of Microsoft products enabled with pioneering software robotic technology.

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