Automation Anywhere Launches IQ Bot, Software Bots Capable of Learning from Human Behavior to Improve Process Automation

Intelligent Software Bots Integrated into RPA Platform Facilitate End-to-End Automation with Near Zero Error Rates

NEW YORK CITY – May 25, 2017


Automation Anywhere, the global leader in enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today announced the availability of IQ Bot, software bots capable of studying, learning and mimicking human behavior for intelligent process automation. By combining cognitive abilities with practical, rule-based RPA capabilities, organizations can quickly scale and up level their Digital Workforces to fully automate processes end-to-end and run them independently with minimal human intervention. The product was launched at Automation Anywhere's Imagine, the company’s premier customer experience event taking place in New York City.

IQ Bot is skilled at applying human logic to document patterns and extracting values in the same way that a human would, but with instantaneous speed, the accuracy of a machine and with a near-zero error rate. Fully integrated with the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform, IQ Bot delivers organizations enormous gains in productivity because it is capable of processing and automating business tasks involving complex documents with unstructured data. With Automation Anywhere’s comprehensive Digital Workforce platform, comprised of RPA, cognitive and analytic capabilities, organizations can automate up to 80 percent of business processes, compared to the 30 percent automation capability by using RPA alone.

“IQ Bot is the next evolution of cognitive capabilities that significantly extends the proficiency of RPA beyond anything we’ve yet experienced. It enables companies to leverage what humans do best and what machines do best, delivering the first intelligent automation platform,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-founder, Automation Anywhere. “We strongly believe the full potential of enterprise automation is only realized when RPA and cognitive computing work together. With the release of IQ Bot, we are delivering critical functionality, which can be truly transformational.”

IQ Bot has a built-in, intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to setup and manage. IQ Bot relies on supervised learning, meaning that every human interaction makes IQ Bot smarter. In addition to English, IQ Bot can extract data in Spanish, French, Italian and German. To learn more, visit here.

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