By 2020, automation and artificial intelligence will reduce employee requirements in business shared-service centers by 65 percent, according to Gartner. By that time, 40 percent of large enterprises will have adopted an RPA software tool, up from less than 10 percent today.

But if automation and AI are going to truly impact the business, freeing up employees to focus on higher value work, proper planning, design and governance is required. To help you understand how to do this, Subbu Mahalingam BD (Becton Dickinson), Paul Simms EyeforPharma, and Catherine Calarco, Automation Anywhere, are going to show you what they have achieved with RPA and how they have done it. View the webinar, to find out more. You won’t want to miss this – what they are doing is truly impressive!

When you attend, you’ll receive an understanding of:

  • Problem-solving: the processes that can be mapped and improved for time and cost savings.

  • Reality: detailed use cases, user personas, quantitative and qualitative benefits models, journey mapping, and change management plans.

  • Implementation: How to take the leap towards RPA and cognitive intelligence, freeing up resources and focusing on the important stuff.

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