Learn why anything else is legacy with A2019 and how to monetize your bots in Bot Store

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  • Learn why anything else is legacy with A2019 and how to monetize your bots in Bot Store


During this webinar, Director of Product Marketing Enterprise, Navin Mittal will provide valuable insight on A2019 capabilities and explain how partners benefit from engaging clients with this unmatched RPA solution. Brendan Foley, VP of Product for the Bot Store, will also review the Bot Store monetization opportunity and how partners everywhere can build their business in the marketplace.

Enterprise A2019 employs a radically unique approach to RPA, delivered through various new enhancements. With a single click or drag-and-drop motion, business users can automate those parts of any job that are mundane and repetitive and don’t require the special human touch. The A2019 cloud solution and web-based interface allow users to build bots anywhere, using any device, with only an internet connection required. It’s as simple as login, click, and automate!

Bot Store offers the largest opportunity for ISVs to establish their IP and build a recurring revenue stream on the most comprehensive, easy to use RPA platform with the largest enterprise customer base. Thanks to IP protection, billing infrastructure, global sales and marketing, Bot Store makes it easy for vendors to efficiently expand to clients across the globe. Maximize revenue from bots and Digital Workers you’ve already built – we’ll show you how.

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