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Automation Anywhere Enterprise

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Automation Anywhere Enterprise gives you the power of reliable automation technology to allow your organization to be extraordinary. It is designed to allow groups to capitalize on the benefits of automation across all or part of their business or IT processes. Fortune 500 companies and thousands of enterprises across 90 countries rely on Automation Anywhere.

The biggest problems to implementing automation are costs, human resources, time and an extended ROI. Automation Anywhere is built to allow you to start with 1 or 100 simple or complex process segments, minimizing if not eliminating both implementation and financial risks. Built to scale across multiple users with centralized management and security, providing in most cases an almost immediate ROI, it allows you to build your processes and organization on a solid automation foundation.

The Automation Anywhere product vision:

Consumerization of automation.

In today’s fast-changing, competitive marketplace, give your company the edge by choosing an automation solution that can benefit every employee of your organization. Scriptless, no-programming options and editable automated tasks allow you to adapt to change and make for a quick and easy implementation. Automation Anywhere Cumulus allows you to crowdsource pain points in current process flows, vet them out and then seamlessly automate.

What’s your automation density?

As your business grows and expands, you are constantly increasing the number and complexity of both your business and IT processes. The gap between what is being automated and what needs to be automated is growing wider, fast. A good way to scale, improve efficiencies and reduce human errors across several repetitive strings of processes is to automate with a solution that can scale with you and your processes. Our aim? To increase automation density as quickly and easily as possible.

Data movement and application integration.

Data drives today’s business, and most automation processes involve some level of data migration, data management or data integration. Automation Anywhere works with any application – anywhere - allowing the user to automate data processes as never before. Legacy applications, custom applications, ERP systems, CRMs, databases – anything! Non-invasive integration technology from Automation Anywhere will change what you believed was possible.

Cerner Health Care saves millions by automating medical applications.

Read more about this case study >

Automation Champion: Ben Mitchell

Cerner's health care IT team streamlined its processes by automating the integration of data from various applications into one common electronic medical records application for each of its clients, saving the company millions and gaining a ROI of 628% in 6 months. Nucleus Research awarded Cerner with the ROI 2013 award for its implementation of Automation Anywhere.

Innovation to meet your needs, so you can meet the future.

With flexibility and usability in mind some of our features include:

  • Centralized control: control room & enhanced security
  • Crowdsourcing of automation ideas with Cumulus
  • Scriptless automation: no programming required
  • Task editor with over 500 commands
  • Adapters for other enterprise applications
  • Visual logs
  • Instant knowledge capture
  • Process mapping
  • Collaboration with run-time clients
  • Task to EXE to record a task and run it on any machine anywhere in the world.


“A great product that our company uses to become more productive, more efficient, and helps us save a lot of money.” - Randy G., VP/CIO, TRAC Intermodal

"My team looked at 13 different products when we decided on Automation Anywhere," said Nagesh Sridharan, Global Information Officer of Global Supply Chain Operations for General Motors, which uses the software. "In terms of technology there was no better alternative. Quite frankly, they have surprised us and been very responsive. They know their stuff and have knowledgeable resources." - Nagesh Sridharan, General Motors (From Red Herring Interview)

Features List

  • Server status and directory connectivity status
  • Real-time task monitor for tracking progress of in-process tasks
  • Task Scheduler for setting and monitoring upcoming tasks
  • A view of failed tasks and error details
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for managing all clients (Client Command and Control Center)
  • Repository Manager to control and organize tasks for groups and clients
  • Centralized log of tasks run on each client
  • Run multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Push or copy tasks to any or all clients.
  • Schedule tasks to run on any or all clients.
  • Edit multiple tasks simultaneously
  • View status of variables while running tasks.
  • Folder-level access control
  • Virtualization – install software on any client from the server
  • Server integration with active directory for mapping clients
  • Activity management functionality to oversee users and accounts
  • Control security by assigning rights, privileges, and passwords by user.
  • Monitor recent user activity
  • Manage shared tasks in the central repository.
  • Automate a task on one machine, and rely on AA's SMART Automation Technology® to seamlessly replay it on other machines.
  • Maintain a central repository of automated tasks to share between users, thereby reducing set up time and replicating efforts.
  • Schedule auto backup, and recover lost files from central repository.
  • Assign individual user privileges and rights to maintain security and match organizational structural requirements.
  • Ensure that security policies are enforced across the enterprise.
  • Assign and monitor security across all clients.
  • Single sign-on capability to end users.
  • Automate complete processes or parts of processes across multiple applications.
  • Integrate and automate activities in ERP applications like Oracle and SAP, and in HP OpenView, SMS, and Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • Optimized for multi-core architecture.
  • Run multiple tasks simultaneously, allowing for faster, more flexible automation.

Client features

  • Upload automated tasks and share with other users.
  • Download automated tasks from other users, and run seamlessly on your machine.
  • Download automated tasks and edit to customize.
  • Record actions using actual Windows objects, not just their positions on a screen.
  • Run automated tasks in the background while you work
  • Task editor lets you view captured images as you record tasks
  • Visualize technology captures images in a storyboard style, aiding in understanding and explaining automated tasks. 
  • Snap Point allows on-demand capture while creating task.
  • Compare static or dynamic images as tasks run
  • Create and manage high-level business and IT processes, capturing them in an intuitive graphical representation
  • The web service command implements SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) so that multiple clients can consume web services. This command establishes complete interpolarity between clients/applications with the Web, supporting XML-based open standards, such as WSDL (Web Services Description Language), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), and UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration).
    • Use an existing URI or create a customized WSDL URI, providing secure authentication details, if any.
    • Consume reusable application components like currency conversion, weather reports, or even language translation as services.
    • Connect to existing software, applications and platforms irrespective of any underlying infrastructure requirements.
  • Integrate with any application to automate any task: Excel, legacy or Windows applications, Unix Shell, Telnet, Java application, Java applet, DOS command prompts, browsers, email automation, and terminal emulation.
  • Convert tasks to EXE for quick and convenient deployment on remote machines.
  • Software automatically adjusts while replaying EXEs to run tasks seamlessly across computers—with or without Automation Anywhere software intalled.
  • Encrypted and/or password protected task content for unparalleled security.

(* Additional costs apply)

  • View all events in your automation environment, including errors, deployment events, workflow creations, changes made to tasks, and more, in a single database
  • Identify and diagnose problems, track changes to your system, and predict potential issues. 
  • Export system logs to .csv files and filter by date and type of event
  • Recognizes actions made in browsers, such as clicking a link or checking a box, and applies correct web control. 
  • Adjusts to any changes, such as links or buttons moving, and accurately replays automated tasks
  • Uses pattern-based data extraction to pull data from multiple pages with ease
  • Automation Anywhere offers 5 simpe ways to create any task in minutes--no programming required. 
    1. Use SMART Task Recorder
    2. Use pre-defined automation templates
    3. Use task editor with point & click wizard
    4. Use Web Recorder for web automation
    5. Use Windows Object Recorder
  • Edit recorded tasks or create new tasks with point & click action wizards. No programming required. More than 575 powerful actions to choose from, including:
    • Keyboard & mouse actions
    • Files/folder actions
    • Windows actions
    • Conditional actions
    • Loop actions
    • Internet actions
    • Database actions  
    • Clipboard actions
  • Secure auto-login –schedule a task to run at a later time, then lock the computer and go home. At the scheduled time, Automation Anywhere will automatically log in, run the task, and lock the computer again.
  • Disable the mouse and keyboard – When Automation Anywhere uses auto-login to unlock the computer to run a scheduled task, disenabling the mouse and keyboard while the task is running ensures no misuse of the computer during the run cycle. If someone tries to use the computer at anytime during the entire process, Automation Anywhere automatically locks the computer, ensuring security.
  • Turn on stealth-mode – Automation Anywhere allows you to prevent information from being displayed on the screen during auto-login. Furthermore when a scheduled task is running Automation Anywhere blanks the screen, shielding information from prying eyes in the absence of the user.
  • PGP encryption
  • Process XML information generated from web services and/or through cloud computing. Get data having XML formatting and save to the desired location using:
    • XML sessions
    • Node functionalities like Insert, Update and Get Nodes
    • Validate XML file
    • Perform XPath Expression

Use single or multiple fields like 'subject', 'from,' 'to,' and 'message,' to isolate emails of interest and assign custom processes.

  • Terminal emulator is a program that transmits keystrokes to the remote server, receives output from the server, and displays it in a window which simulates the screen.
  • Supports standards like VT100 and ANSI, and allows users to access virtually any server, including mainframes, that requires the use of a terminal.

Extract, merge & integrate with all PDF documents.

Schedule tasks:
Run tasks at pre-defined times, including: 

  • Daily (every day, only weekdays, every 2 days, etc.)
  • Weekly (certain days of the week, for example every Monday)
  • Monthly (certain days of month, for example January 1 & October 5)
  • One time only
  • When computer starts
  • When you logon
  • When computer is idle
  • You can also schedule a task multiple times.

Schedule Manager:

  • View the set task schedules via a graphical Schedule Manager
  • Switch between daily, weekly, or monthly views, as well as system-related schedules.


Auto-response capability triggers tasks in response to pre-defined events. Automation Anywhere supports several types of triggers including: 

  • Window
  • File
  • Folder
  • Performance
  • Process
  • Service
  • Email message
  • Window trigger: Two types of actions are supported in the window trigger.
    • When window opens
    • When window closes
    File Trigger: Three types of actions are supported in the file trigger.
    • When file is created
    • When file is deleted
    • When file is renamed
    Folder trigger: Six different types of folder triggers are supported.
    • When any file is created in that folder
    • When any file is deleted in that folder
    • When any file is renamed in that folder
    • When folder is created
    • When folder is deleted
    • When folder is renamed
    Performance trigger: Three different types of performance triggers are supported.
    • CPU Usage
    • Free disk space
    • Process count
    Process trigger: You can have two types of triggers for each executable running on your computer.
    • When process starts
    • When process stops
    Service trigger: You can have four types of triggers for each service installed on your computer.
    • When service starts
    • When service stops
    • When service resumes
    • When service pauses
    Email Message trigger:
    • When new mail arrives
  • Variables let you run the same task again and again with different values, without changing the task. Two different types of variables are supported.
    1. System variables: These are pre-defined variables like date, clipboard, etc.
    2. User variables: These are variables that you can define per your need.
  • Three different types of user variables are supported.
    • Value (single value)
    • List (multiple values)
    • Random (random value)
  • For the above three types of user variables, you can select either values or read from text file.
  • Send status mail when tasks finish
  • Define content of the status email, or use default email template containing:
    • Task name
    • Task description
    • Repeat
    • Task status
    • Last run time
  • Show the details of your tasks and workflows via clean, graphical reports.
  • Trigger reports to run when a specific action happens, or schedule to run at pre-defined times.
  • Quickly determine estimated dollars saved over a period of time as a result of automation.
  • Choose to display information in a textual or graphical format. 
  • Visual documentation & flowcharts
  • Screenshots, storyboard
  • PPT, PDF, and video formats
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