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Testing Anywhere is a powerful and easy to use automated software testing tool that allows users to automate any type of testing. Powerful GUI based recording capabilities and a no-programming required user interface allows testers to quickly set up even complex test cases. A built-in editor allows users to build tests that can be easily edited to allow for changes in the test cases.

Key Features
Types of Testing

You can automate any kind of test with Testing Anywhere. Some of the types of testing are:

Automated Software Testing
Automated Mobile Testing
Automated Load Testing
Automated Web Testing
Cross-browser Testing
Distributed Load Testing
Regression Testing
Functional Testing
Black Box Testing
Acceptance Testing
Keyword-driven Testing
Unit Testing
Data-Driven Testing
Smoke Testing
Integration Testing
Compatibility Testing
Performance Testing
System Testing
GUI Testing
Automated Flex Testing
Java Application Testing
Silverlight Application Testing
WPF Testing
Mainframe Application Testing
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Why Testing Anywhere for automated software testing
1. Test anything with 5 innovative ways to create tests
2. Reduce total cost of ownership by 45% to 60%. The only automated testing software you need. No programming required - allows you to test any Windows applications, Web based applications, websites or legacy applications. It also allows you to perform any type of testing from regression based testing to compatibility testing, etc.
3. Reduce total time to automate tests by 50% to 70%. Quick and easy setup of tests as well as end-to-end workflows. Eliminate the need to write multiple scripts to run a test on multiple machines. Create a single test script and use Testing Anywhere's Exe capability to run the test on multiple machines without installing the testing software on each.
4. Increased ROI & no hidden costs
5. Scalable
Creates tests without any scripting or programming required, using a powerful front-end, GUI based automation.

Advanced software testing allows the use of over 300 various editable commands that allow users to create and manage complex scripts easily.
6. Reliable
Object based recording allows for unsurpassed reliability.

SMART Automation Technology® intelligently adjusts scripts and recorded tests eliminating the need to write a new script for each environment.
Support for custom objects or any object with revolutionary technology. Test any process in any application.
State-of-the-art Features
Test to EXE   Cross-browser Testing   Object Avatar   Mobile Testing   Load Testing
            For a complete list of features click here.

Test anything using a single tool

Test any application
on any Windows platform
Windows 8   Windows 7   Windows Vista   Microsoft Windows XP   Windows 2000   Windows Server 2012   Windows Server 2008   Microsoft Windows .NET Server 2003  
Test Web
Explorer Explorer
(6.0 & later)
Firefox Firefox
(2.x & later)
Opera Opera
(9.0 & later)
Safari Safari
(3.0 & later)
Chrome Chrome
(2.x & later)
Test custom
applications written in
any language
  32 bit apps
64 bit apps
Oracle Forms
Macromedia Flash 1.0-8.0   Adobe Flash 9.0 & later
Customer Case Study  Customer Case Study: The Street
TheStreet, Inc., a leading digital financial media company located on Wall Street, uses Testing Anywhere to build automated test suites that have resulted in a 25% increase in productivity at 1/10th the cost of other solutions. TheStreet now launches products daily on demand – a process that previously took weeks. Read full case study.

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Testing Anywhere News

Automation Anywhere is cited as a sample Vendor by Gartner in their Hype Cycle for Application Development, 2012.
Gartner states, "Often, functional test automation efforts have failed because of cost and complexity. Scriptless testing will reduce overall testing costs and enable better coverage, which should lead to improved defect detection earlier in the development cycle (further reducing overall application costs)."
Published: 30 July 2012
Analyst(s): Ian Finley, Nathan Wilson, Gordon Van Huizen

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