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Isolate website, web application and server performance bottlenecks with ease

A marriage of powerful features and straightforward design, Testing Anywhere’s load testing software allows you to easily identify website and application performance bottlenecks while simulating real-world concurrent scenarios.

Our user-centered design and lightweight setup allows for installation in minutes. Powered by the Testing Anywhere software suite, Testing Anywhere LOAD includes powerful load testing tools like visual load test editing, comprehensive visual reporting, live runtime graphing and field-level parameterization.

Some Key Load Testing Capabilities Include:
Easy conversion of existing functional tests to load tests with a single click

Load testing of Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
The ability to synchronize multiple requests from a variety of virtual users to simulate real-world concurrent load scenarios

Consider some of the powerful features you’ll get with Testing Anywhere LOAD:

Visual Load Test Editor An intuitive, storyboard view of recorded load test scripts lets you visualize tests as web pages rather than individual HTTP requests.
Comprehensive Visual Reporting and Logging Configurable log details and reports allow you to analyze and isolate performance bottlenecks quickly and easily.
TestLAB Leverage live runtime graphs and powerful visual dashboards to track load and server performance.
Load Test Configuration Simulate real-world scenarios by varying the load profile with virtual users, load type, delay, and performance measurement thresholds.
Parameterization Replay recorded load tests with unique user-defined parameters on a per-field basis, and rely on visual indicators to help you manage multiple parameters easily.
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Testing Anywhere News

Automation Anywhere is cited as a sample Vendor by Gartner in their Hype Cycle for Application Development, 2012.
Gartner states, "Often, functional test automation efforts have failed because of cost and complexity. Scriptless testing will reduce overall testing costs and enable better coverage, which should lead to improved defect detection earlier in the development cycle (further reducing overall application costs)."
Published: 30 July 2012
Analyst(s): Ian Finley, Nathan Wilson, Gordon Van Huizen

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