Windows Automation

Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming, error-prone automation scripts. Automation Anywhere offers an easy-to-use alternative that can automate any Windows application, even if they use custom controls, complex or dynamic user interfaces. With GUI based automation actions, it provides non-intrusive, no programming required Windows automation. Use our powerful task recorder or the editor with its point & click wizard to automate tasks in any application.

Our advanced Windows Controls technology ensures trouble-free task runs, automatically adjusting for changes in the environment, like screen resolution or application changes. Automation Anywhere also allows job-scheduling and agent-less remote deployment, allowing you to run automated Windows' tasks across various machines on the network.

Key Features

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Why Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is the leader in intelligent automation software. Its three distinguishable features are:


  1. Ability to automate any task: It can be used to automate any kind of task, from the most complex to the very simple. Automate Windows applications, Web tasks, or legacy applications. It is the only automation software you will need.
  2. Faster automation with superior reliability & security: Superior 'SMART Automation Technology®' eliminates the need to write "infrastructure code," like code to wait for applications to load, code to check for window size & position or if desktop icons have moved, etc. Automation Anywhere automatically gives intelligence to your tasks. Focus on the business logic & automate ten times faster than other automation software. Automation Anywhere sets a new standard in security with features like password protection, strong industry standard encryption, stealth mode, and more.
  3. Easier automation: No programming required. SMART task recorder, pre-defined automation templates, point & click actions & sample tasks make automation effortless.

Examples of Windows Automation

Customer Case Study: San Diego County - Health and Human Services Agency

An integrated solution for its verification process was the crucial requirement in this case. Integrating and automating a process that used a legacy Enterprise content management system and a document management system improved productivity and efficiency.

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