May 20, 2020 | 2pm BST

Winning strategies for automation: Maximizing ROI through accelerated bot development

Our experts share their experience, tools and techniques to drive better ROI in automation. Hear about pitfalls that slow deployment, re-usability strategies, ready-to-use bots, the latest in bot technology and cloud applications.

May 20, 2020 | 2PM CET

Discover How RPA Can Improve Productivity Within Salesforce

During this webinar, learn how to improve customer experience and make Salesforce more agile using Automation Anywhere solutions (in Spanish).

May 26, 2020 | 3pm BST / 4pm CET / 10am ET

Transforming Banking & Financial Services with Intelligent Automation

Many financial institutions have started adopting RPA technologies. Learn how your organization can transform with Intelligent Automation: to reduce cost, boost business performance as well as improve employee and customer experience.

May 28, 2020 | 11AM AEST

Bots & Your Balance Sheet – Why A Digital Workforce Is Key To Transforming Finance & Accounting

By deploying RPA, significant benefits can be realized across financial ops, financial planning & analysis, tax operations, AP & AR. Join us for this digital discussion to learn how organizations like Aust Post, Synergy, Suncorp & ANZ have transformed their finance operations with RPA.

May 28, 2020 | 11:00am SGT / 1:00pm AEST

The Digital Workforce & the Future of Banking and Financial Services

Join Ken Mertzel, Sr. Director, Insurance & Financial Services, and Markoss Martina, Snr Director, NextGen Technologies, APJ to to hear their insights on:
Intelligent Automation Trends in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Industries, Successful Use Cases: KYC/AML Compliance Management; Insurance Claim Management; Call Centers Enabled with Attended Automation and the Key Success Factors to Implement and Scale RPA in BFSI

June 3, 2020 | 10:00AM SGT / 12:00PM AEST

Leveraging AI & Automation During a Health Crisis

Join Catherine Calarco on June 3rd to learn about AI & automation during a health crisis. Key topics: optimize digital labor, accelerate document processing, improve supply chain monitoring, and expand capacity.

June 4, 2020 | 2PM CEST

Discover How RPA Can Improve Productivity Within Salesforce

During this webinar, learn how to improve customer experience and make Salesforce more agile using Automation Anywhere solutions (in French).

June 11, 2020 | 4PM CET

Discover How RPA Can Improve Productivity Within Salesforce

During this webinar, learn how to improve customer experience and make Salesforce more agile using Automation Anywhere solutions (in Italian).

June 18, 2020 | 10:00AM SGT / 12:00PM AEST

Healthcare Automation: Challenges & Opportunities

To accelerate solutions, intelligent automation can scale organizational capabilities and support smart supply chains to meet the current crisis and facilitate faster vaccine development for future recurrences. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), evidence-based care has never been easier: create now a highly secure, scalable, reliable Digital Workforce to access, process, and retrieve data to make better decisions for your patients.



Automate to Build Resiliency in Manufacturing Supply Chain

The current crisis has disrupted life and consequently changed the way business will be done. It has dealt a telling blow on supply chain in Manufacturing companies. How businesses respond in short term and build resiliency in long term will determine their viability and success.


Emerging Trends in Intelligent Automation for Telecom

Join us for an overview of RPA & Intelligent Automation for Telecom with an industry expert and see how the technology help you increase productivity and transform your processes - whether preparing for 5G, enhancing the customer experience in contact centres, or improving network operations to ensure great connectivity.


How RPA Improves Agent Productivity in Salesforce

Find out how you can deploy RPA bots within the Salesforce Service Cloud to automate routine tasks and make complicated jobs simple. Hear from senior executives from Salesforce and Automation Anywhere, who will provide insights into what RPA is, and how it pairs with Salesforce.


Intelligent Automation in Epidemic Containment Efforts

Faced with a huge volume of data and running against time, see how automation can value-add to the contact tracing process and aid in the containment effort.


Emerging Trends in Intelligent Automation for Telecom

Join us for an overview of RPA & Intelligent Automation for Telecom. Whether preparing for 5G, looking at new customer connections, leveraging content or enabling your team to focus on more strategic work, see how technology help you focus on your business.


Digital Workforce: Intelligent Capture + RPA Are Fueling The Adoption Of End-to-end Business Processes Automation

Learn from HSA-InfoSource Research Director Mike Spang, and Avi Bhagtani, Sr. Director of Product Marketing and Strategy at Automation Anywhere, about the power of AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for document processing.


The New Era of Secure Automation

With few data privacy and security guidelines in place, companies are challenged with balancing the security of sensitive data with growth opportunities that require automation. Learn how we're simplifying that problem.


RPA and AI: Transforming How Insurers Do Business

Over 35% of insurance claims processes are likely to be automated in the next few years. RPA is a critical tool to help your organization automate manual repetitive activities, access unstructured data, and quickly deliver error-free results.


Transforming Financial Services with Intelligent Automation

Discover how your organization can scale and transform with the latest Intelligent Automation (RPA +AI); not only to reduce cost, but also boost the overall business performance as well as improve employee and customer experience.


Transforming Finance Function with Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Learn how to apply Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to a variety of finance processes and scenarios.


Workday and Automation Anywhere: Giving customers more choices for Automation

Join Dell, Workday, and Automation Anywhere to learn the basics of robotic process automation (RPA) and hear Dell’s success story using this technology for the past five years.


How to Maximize Your Automation Potential with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

In this webinar, you’ll hear from leaders at Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) partnered with tranformAI to fully automate their end-to-end P2P process with IQ Bot, our intelligent document processing solution that uses AI to extract complex information from a variety of documents.


Accelerate Your Automation with Discovery Bot

When 65% of automation efforts are spent understanding business processes and most automation opportunities are left undiscovered, how do you scale and accelerate your RPA?

Easily Automate Quote-to-Cash with Bot Store

Join Mark Brousseau, President at Brousseau & Associates, Suhasini Gadam, Product Marketing Manager - Bot Store, and Vikas Jha, CEO - Spectar Group, for an insightful session on automating your Quote-to-Cash process.

Bots for BPO: Why Intelligent Automation Is a Must-Have

Your BPO contact center is facing challenges like no corporate customer contact center. Learn how intelligent RPA can tackle your performance, growth and people challenges.

Cloud RPA: Risk Mitigation and Threat Defense

Transitioning to cloud RPA? Think security. Hear from an expert panel on RPA cybersecurity and regulatory requirements, including cloud threat defense and secure cloud operations best practices.


How to Get Your P2P and O2C Ready for Digital Transformation

How can you smooth the path to adopting automation technology in AP? Learn organizational and technical solutions to address change and pave the way for digital transformation.

Expand Your RPA Footprint with Bot Store

How can you quickly expand RPA into new areas like sales and service? Discover the Bot Store marketplace of pre-built bots to grow your automation footprint.

The Digital Workforce in HR Process Delivery

Are you keeping pace with automation in HR? Join Accenture and Automation Anywhere to discuss the application of digital workers in HR process delivery.

Leveraging IA for Improved Customer Interaction

How can IA-powered contact centers deliver better results? Find out the key success factors to implementing Intelligent Automation and examples of how Contact Centers have applied Intelligent Automation.


Build Your Business on Bot Store

Do you build bots? Discover how you can monetize your bots on Bot Store. Reach Automation Anywhere’s global customers by offering your pre-built automations for purchase.

Transforming Insurance with RPA and AI

Over 30% of insurance processes are likely to be automated in the next few years. Keep pace—Learn how to apply and implement RPA successfully in insurance.

Learn Why Anything Else Is Legacy with A2019 and How to Monetize Your Bots in Bot Store

Explore A2019 and Bot Store and discover the new automation standard—where business users can automate anywhere, using any device, and tap into a global marketplace of pre-built bots.

5 Questions Procure-To-Pay Leaders Must Ask before Deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is critical to the future of P2P. Get an action plan for selecting the right RPA solution, learn common challenges faced by P2P teams, and questions to ask before deploying RPA.


5 Hidden Costs of Manual Invoice Processing

How does automation lower invoice processing costs? Learn the latest advancements in invoice processing and how to reduce the five hidden costs of manual processing with RPA.

ANZ Businesses Reap Early Success of RPA Adoption

How does RPA create a more engaged workforce? Listen in as we ask the most pressing questions about RPA and get expert, data-backed answers from Forrester Research and ANZ.

Mobile RPA: Control Your Bots on the Go

How can you automate on the go? Learn how the Automation Anywhere Mobile App works and hear how Harley Davidson and Boston Scientific take RPA anywhere.

Life Sciences: How to Start and Scale AI-Powered Automation

Automating complaint handling, explained. See a demo of RPA handling complaints from receipt to completion. Learn best practices and benefits of RPA in life sciences.


Can Automation Make Work More Human? Understanding RPA in the HR Environment

Join Automation Anywhere CHRO Nancy Hauge for a discussion of the impact of the digital workforce in Human Resources, with essential tips for automating HR processes.

AI-Driven Life Sciences: The Future of Innovation

Why are leading life science companies swiftly adopting intelligent automation? Discover how RPA + AI transforms life science and eliminates manual processes in areas from complaint handling to clinical research and commercialization.

Automating Order-To-Cash with RPA and AI

Error-filled, inefficient, order-to-cash processes are costly and frustrate customers and stakeholders. See how RPA + AI delivers order-to-cash speed and accuracy that simple programmed rules could never hope to achieve.

Attended Automation - the Main Ingredient for Front Office Success

Customer expectations are putting pressure on front-office support. Hear how attended automation changes everything with guest speaker Craig Le Clair, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.


IQ Bot: The Newer, Smarter AI for Reading and Processing “Hidden” Data

Why are 80% of documents still processed by people? Discover how the new IQ Bot is taking on the burden of reading unstructured information like documents and emails.

Automation Anywhere and Datarobot Partner on AI Solutions for Digital Transformation

What’s the next frontier for automation? Find out how RPA + Machine Learning will drive truly complete, end-to-end process automation, with AI-powered decision-making and predictive abilities.

RPA Tactics to Strategic Transformation - 2019 APAC Market Report by SSON

How is business realizing value from RPA? Learn how to go from tactical to enterprise-wide scale, how to overcome limitations, and leverage analytics and AI to supercharge RPA gains.

Measuring the Performance of Intelligent RPA Bots and Digital Workers

Learn how to use metrics for RPA success, from planning to tangible results, with guest speaker Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President for Intelligent Process Automation research at IDC.


Symantec Writes the Book on Automation Excellence – an RPA Case Study

Could you use an extra 3 years of productivity? Learn how Symantec has saved over 36,000 hours in Finance, Order Operations, Sales, and IT.

Meet the New Digital Worker

How will Digital Workers impact every business function and industry, worldwide? Hear how AI and automation will transform the way we work, with guest speaker J.P. Gownder, Forrester.

Can Automation Make Work More Human

Organizations that invest in RPA and AI technology—and people—see higher returns. But why? Discover new research and recommendations with Dr. Chris Brauer, University of London, and Neeti Mehta, Automation Anywhere.

Transforming Accounting with RPA and Cognitive Automation

Why are procure-to-pay processes still manual or semi-automated? Find out how RPA and cognitive automation offer a new approach to automation and enable digital transformation in accounting.


The Future of Work

AI. Robotics. Automation. There’s a seismic shift in the way businesses function, redefining the way humans work. Join an expert panel discussion of the dynamics of human-digital collaboration.

Capitalize on Embedded Analytics and Accelerate Your RPA Program

Imagine effortlessly calculating ROI in real time. Bot Insight can—automatically, without lengthy integration projects. See how Bot Insight delivers instant RPA analytics in this deep dive product session.

Leverage ML and RPA to Automate PO and Invoice Processing

Did you know a Fortune 500 company was able to automate 60% of their PO volume and redeploy 30 of 50 FTEs in just 6 months? Meet IQ Bot and discover how it revolutionizes accounting.

Welcome to the New Bot Economy

What is the new Bot Economy? Hear Philip Carnelley, IDC, discuss the evolution of RPA, followed by an engaging panel discussion with RPA industry leaders on the impact of Bot Store.


Bots in the Breakroom: Managing People, Productivity, and Process Automation

How will your human workforce react when bots join the team? Join PwC for a look at why human capital strategy is a must-have for your RPA implementation plan.

Unique Security Aspects of RPA: Deployment Considerations

Rapid scaling of RPA infrastructure makes security a more critical concern. Hear expert advice on how security can be applied throughout the automation lifecycle and leveraging RPA for compliance.

Everest Group RPA Study: Pinnacle Enterprises Generate 4x the ROI

What do breakaway RPA success stories have in common? Hear Everest Group Research Vice President Sarah Burnett share how “Pinnacle Enterprises” achieved 4x the average ROI.

High-Performance RPA at Enterprise Scale

Getting RPA right is the first step in digital transformation. Join experts from EY Tax, Société Générale, and HFS Research as they discuss RPA from pilot to digital workforce.


Cognitive Automation - Hype or Reality?

Can cognitive automation live up to the hype? Join Sarah Burnett, Everest Group, for real-world examples on how you can deliver measurable results in 3 months or less.

Edith Cowan University Accelerates Decision-Making with RPA

How can data analytics with RPA improve performance? Hear how examining key process decisions with bot-driven information has shown positive productivity improvements for Edith Cowan University.

Scaling RPA at Enterprise Speed

Learn how “reusable”, domain-specific bots can dramatically reduce RPA deployment times with Milan Sheth, Partner & National Leader of EY’s Technology Sector Advisory Services.

RPA Centers of Excellence - Gateways to Digital Transformation for Kraft Heinz

This is the story of Kraft Heinz’s digital transformation. Learn their keys to RPA implementation, including the importance of pre-design, and the critical need for governance post implementation.


IBM Partners with Automation Anywhere

Discover what’s possible with the world’s most advanced platform to integrate people, systems, and bots, from the combined forces of IBM and Automation Anywhere.

Driving ROI as You Scale Your Robotics Programs

What are the key drivers to bot ROI? Find out how to achieve sustainable return on investment with Chuck Centrelli of PwC, Director of Capital Markets Management Consulting.

Introducing IQ Bot

Did you know IQ bots learn by studying human behavior? Discover how IQ Bot can enable your organization to automate human-centric processes, dramatically lowering operational costs.


Automation and the Remote Worker – A Perfect Fit?

See a world where every employee will work side by side with Digital Workers, making them exponentially more productive and far more fulfilled. We aim to solve challenges faced by government missions, by liberating employees from mundane, repetitive tasks, allowing them more time to use their intellect and creativity.


Leveraging AI & Automation in Life Sciences During a Health Crisis

When health crises arise, businesses and communities face economic and humanitarian impacts that test infrastructure, resources, and financial models. Government, Healthcare, and Life Sciences industries must rapidly respond.