Deloitte Partners with Automation Anywhere to Deliver RPA Expertise Globally

SAN JOSE, CA – 2015年 12月 15日

 Automation Anywhere, a pacesetting provider of robotic process automation (RPA) software capable of automating virtually anything, today announced a significant arrangement with multinational professional services firm Deloitte. The collaboration will facilitate delivery of RPA to hundreds of Deloitte customers across all market sectors, allowing them to overcome systemic complexity and accelerate performance in their businesses.


Deloitte already has significant proficiency with Automation Anywhere RPA software, having successfully installed Automation Anywhere robots on client sites, and trained clients in their use. Deloitte is one of the preferred implementers from which Automation Anywhere recommends organsations buy their RPA products and services, and aims to create a practice and discipline in executing fast RPA deployments to meet growing demand from its global customer base.


“Our business revolves around giving our customers the measurable, lasting results they’ve come to expect from us. RPA has emerged as another way to effectively deliver those results in an evolving workplace,” said Graeme Knopf, the lead partner in RPA at Deloitte. “Automation Anywhere’s deep experience with large enterprise accounts, speed of deployment, and global presence makes them a partner we know will benefit from the innovative and transformational services we provide for our clients.”


Robotic process automation software enables organizations to automate many rules-based, repetitive processes, minimizing manual work necessary to complete critical processes. In the past year there has been a surge in adoption of the technology, as enterprises, BPOs, and SSOs reassess how to augment the value of their existing workforce, while blending in cognitive-capable robotic elements.


“Deloitte has earned a reputation as being one of the most forward-thinking organizations when it comes to vetting and offering technology that transforms workplaces and delivers real value,” said Ankur Kothari, Chief Revenue Officer and cofounder at Automation Anywhere. “It will be tremendous to see the effects of RPA proliferate through their global client base as they increase productivity, reduce costs and errors, manage variability, and execute business more effectively than ever before.” 



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