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Testing Anywhere allows you to quickly and easily set up load tests for your applications or websites with scriptless automated testing. Enhanced visual reports keep you informed of your load performance, allowing you to react quickly and decisively in your agile environment.

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Our load testing software enables you to realistically assess performance, identify bottlenecks, and prepare for real world load management by varying the load profile with virtual users, load type, duration, delay, and performance measurement thresholds.

With real-time load performance reporting, Testing Anywhere lets you easily monitor your app or website performance. Built on a visual platform, the software provides load testing tools such as enhanced graphs and quick views, so you can quickly implement changes, reduce bottlenecks, and deliver top-quality products.


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  • Single-click conversion – Easily convert functional tests to load tests to see how user actions and other scenarios perform at scale.
  • Visual load test editor – An intuitive storyboard view of the recorded test script visualizes tests as web pages rather than individual HTTP requests.
  • Parameterization – Replay recorded tests with unique user-defined parameters on a per-field basis. Visual indicators help you manage multiple parameters easily.
  • Synchronization – Synchronize multiple requests from different virtual users to simulate real-world concurrent load scenarios.
  • Load test of Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
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