SMART Automation Technology

SMART Automation Technology leads the era of intelligent automation software. It is an award winning technology developed at Automation Anywhere Labs. Automation Anywhere is the only software to use SMART Automation Technology.

SMART Automation Technology = Advanced Automation with Ease and Reliability

SMART Automation Technology provides:

  1. Reliable Automation:

    With Automation anywhere you create SMART, intelligent tasks. Tasks created with Automation Anywhere automatically adjust when windows size, location, desktop icons, Internet speed, dialog box position, CPU usage and many other things change.

    You don't have to do anything special to get all of these. Any task that you create with Automation Anywhere automatically gets the intelligence of SMART Automation Technology.

  2. Advanced Automation:

    Automation Anywhere has everything you need for advanced automation.

    • SMART task recorder
    • Award winning task editor
    • Hundred of command wizards, covering files & disk management, mouse & keyboard commands, Internet commands, IT commands, database commands, commands to manage business processes, you name it, Automation Anywhere has it and more.
    • One click scheduling
    • Task management and notification
    • Integration between different scripting languages
    • Different type of variables
    • Ability to separate data and the script for model-view architecture Full debugging capability
    • and much more...
  3. Automation made easy

    Automation Anywhere makes advanced automation easy. With intelligent task recorder, web recorder, visualize technology and easy to use deployment tools you can automate and deploy any task within minutes.