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In the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you’ll find:

  • What makes Automation Anywhere a Magic Quadrant Leader
  • Current trends in the RPA market
  • Considerations when investing in a new RPA solution

Build on the most advanced RPA platform

Your Digital Workforce needs a solid foundation. Automation Anywhere Enterprise is the only business process automation platform built for every facet of the Digital Workforce.

Robotic Process Automation

Error-free execution of structured business processes by bots

Cognitive Automation

Self-improving automation using AI and machine learning for complex data

Embedded RPA Analytics

Real-time operational and business intelligence ready to be applied, right away


Intelligent automation
technology at enterprise scale

What does the RPA journey look like?

The RPA journey starts with knowledge. The kernel of successful RPA implementation and adoption is the team of people that will become the RPA experts within the organization. For the team and for the organization as a whole, RPA dexterity grows and deepens with each step along the RPA path.



What is your vision for digital transformation?

Determining your readiness for RPA (the next step on the RPA journey) is closely tied to your organization’s approach to digital transformation.

If you’re starting the process, ask lots of questions–both internally and externally. Reach out to trusted partners, vendors, and other organizations already on their RPA path to inform creating the vision of what your organization looks like during and after digital transformation.

Success tip: Put people at the center of your plans. Involve a broad cross-section of stakeholders and bring HR to the table early on. People, at every level, are ultimately your change agents and RPA champions.

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Who will your RPA leaders be? And what will you automate first?

There are two critical leadership roles to fill: RPA sponsor and RPA evangelist. The RPA sponsor is your senior-level automation champion. This person has budgeting influence. The RPA evangelist is your project lead. This person will align leaders across business units and departments to determine the right business processes candidates for automation.

Set up your RPA proof of concept and/or pilot for success by targeting processes for automation that have high business value and defining success criteria before you start automating. For your first automation, avoid low-risk/low-reward business processes—automating a trivial process will make it very hard to establish your business case for RPA.

Define success criteria around the problems you need to solve, and the gains you are looking to make. For example:

  • Improving business process accuracy
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing compliance
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Improving competitiveness, agility
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RPA Vendor Engagement

Evaluate and select your best-fit solution and support model

The golden rule? Think long-term. RPA, or more broadly, intelligent automation, is a fast-moving market. A vendor that will be relevant as an ongoing partner will have demonstrated experience and stability, and be invested in continuing to adapt and innovate.

Looking ahead to RPA expansion and achieving digital transformation goals, RPA can only be successful at scale when your workforce is empowered to automate on their own. You’ll need to choose RPA software that’s not only be technically powerful but also exceptionally intuitive. Along the same lines, be aware of the necessity for continuous learning, and look for built-in training and learning programs to support ongoing upskilling/reskilling.

Think security. RPA bots will interact with your systems and sensitive data. That should’t scare you off, but act as a reminder to scrutinize security claims and ask lots of questions about architecture, DevSecOps, and RPA security certifications.

Finally, plan to ask for help. Look for a comprehensive RPA support model that puts your success at its center.

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Test your RPA business case, implementation model, and assumptions—in your unique business context.

The value of your RPA proof of concept is in seeing if your business case assumptions were accurate and proving out your implementation model.

Reminder: pick a process to automate first that has significant potential for gains through automation, and not a process that’s lowest risk. Bonus points if the processes touches as many business technology systems and applications as possible.

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RPA Pilot

Test RPA in the real world of your business operations

Post-PoC, the next step in the RPA journey is putting an automated process into everyday operation.

Your RPA pilot will follow the implementation model as defined in your PoC, and you’ll assess the performance of the RPA pilot against predefined success criteria and specific pilot exit requirements. Now is the time to ensure you are including people. Learn from everyone’s experience of the RPA pilot to ready your roll-out for widespread RPA adoption.

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RPA Center of Excellence (CoE)

Establish your global center for RPA standards and oversight.

Plan for full-scale RPA adoption by creating a global CoE focused on effectiveness and governance.

Your CoE will be in charge of creating standards, and propagating best practices, tools and templates, that support business users who create bots. The CoE has concentrated RPA expertise to assist business units get up and running with building and optimizing their own automations.

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Create ongoing momentum, and extend and deepen the use of RPA across the organization

Here is where your selection of intuitive-to-use RPA software will really shine. Expanding RPA relies on your workforce using RPA on their own.

With guidance from the CoE, business units and departments start up bot building functions that will be the day-to-day engines of automation. The CoE will focus on monitoring progress, establishing best practices, promoting successes, and continuing to enhance resources and expertise.

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Digital Transformation

See the results of engaging everyone in RPA

RPA is a major enabler for digital transformation, not only by providing an accessible way for business processes to become more “digital” but by changing the human work experience and setting the stage for more complex and intelligent augmentation and transformation of business.

Automation as an embedded part of work life—part of your organization’s DNA—means digital siloes are a thing of the past, and processes of increasing complexity can be automated, with people adding value by applying human creativity and invention to solve new problems.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Sprint Head


RPA is one of the key tools we have in our toolkit which enables broader digitization of our internal processes.

– Andrew Davies, CFO Andrew Davies

Tatasky Head


RPA brought speed to our operations. The complex processes in treasury and tax are now more accurate and efficient.

– Vikas Kapoor, Senior Vice President, Finance Home Quotes

Stanley Black and Decker Head


Our corporate goal is to reach $22 billion of revenue by the year 2022. The only way to scale that much is to do things better. Automation is allowing us to do that.

– Cynthia Holmecki, Global Leader Intelligent Automation Solutions Cynthia Holmecki

Symantec Head


It just took 3 weeks for small and medium-sized processes to be automated. The heaviest processes took only 9 weeks. The results were delivered fast, giving us the opportunity to assess the fast pace.

– Ravi Konda, Sr. Manager, IT Ravi Konda

Lilly Head


Combining RPA with cognitive automation and analytics gives us the foundation to transform how we serve customers.

– Richard Mendoza, Automation Capabilities Leader Richard Mendoza

Bancolumbia Head


Bank leadership is excited because we recovered our investment with a 1300% ROI within the first year.

– Jorge Ivan Otalvaro, VP Service Delivery and Operations Jorge Ivan Otalvaro

Juniper Head


With the implementation of RPA for our billing portal, we’ve increased our efficiency and production, decreased processing costs, and scaled for the future.

– Kevin Tucceri, Business Process Owner, Credit & Collections

Dell Head


Once we got a few groups on board with RPA, that was really a game changer for us. People started to see the results and the excitement was contagious.

– Joe Cotnoir, Director HRIS—Business Process Enablement, HR Services Joe Cotnoir


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