Executive Insights

Deep experience in the tech industry, success working with some of the world’s largest companies, and a penchant for building passion for RPA in our user base and beyond drive our executives to share their learnings, ideas, and vision. We’ve collected some of their insights here.


"The RPA movement isn't about productivity. It's about progress."

Mihir Shukla, CEO

Disruptions in Shared Services

Reduced disruptions in Shared Services mean happier customers - And more time to plan

RPA: From Doubts to Possibilities

RPA: From Doubts to Possibilities - Learn what's possible, and stop doubting you can do it

What does an automated future look like?

What does your automated future look like? You owe it to yourself to determine where you fit in

Merging lanes

Cognitive + RPA Merging lanes: Combining technologies to deliver top benefits to your organization


Digital Workforce - Why building one should be a top initiative for all CIOs


VP Sales


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