Meet Your Bots

Working together, three types of bots comprise a digital workforce that automates, scales, and learns as it goes.


Task Bots

Core competency: Front-end automation
Best for: Repetitive, rules-based tasks that rely on structured data

At the core of automation are Task Bots. These hard-working bots automate rules-based, repetitive tasks, in areas like HR administration, procure-to-pay, quote-to-cash, IT services, and much more, leading to immediate improvements in productivity, cost-savings, and error reduction.


Meta Bots

Core competency: Facilitating scalability with next-generation integration
Best for: Complex, scalable processes

Meta Bots are the automation building blocks that help you scale. They’re what we call “app resilient,” meaning that any time an application updates or changes, you make minimal edits to the bot itself, and those changes then automatically apply to any process utilizing that bot. Low maintenance and easy to use, Meta Bots help increase RPA adoption, reduce downtime, and ensure control over complex, enterprise-wide automation.


IQ Bots

Core competency: Continuously learning and enhancing process automation
Best for: Managing through fuzzy rules and processing unstructured data

IQ Bots are the brains in our RPA platform. Merging unique cognitive capabilities with RPA, IQ Bots can understand structured or unstructured data with ease, act based on the information and learn in real-time, making it possible to fully automate processes and run them independently.