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With coronavirus and COVID-19 changing lives across the globe, communities are faced with overwhelming challenges daily. Automation Anywhere Community Edition is a free Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool that helps you automate a wide range of processes from simple tasks to complex procedures. And now, we’re providing free bots to make it easier to manage your world as we look to get through this coronavirus pandemic together.


Featured Bot

WhatsApp Broadcast Bot

Communications, Personal, Business Continuity, IT

Keeping digitally connected with people whether professional or personal is more important than ever. Businesses can simplify outreach to their customers, employees, and prospects by configuring automated broadcast notifications.



Email Notification Bot

Work from home, Personal, Productivity, Business Continuity

Stay notified on the success of your bot executions. The Email Notification bot sends a well-formatted HTML email to communicate the status of your bots giving you key performance indicators and allowing you to manage your bots by verify email after it has run.


Car Buyer Bot

Personal, Productivity

Understandably, doing the research required when buying a car can be a long and time consuming process. With the Car Buying bot, people who are in the market for a used car can compare vehicle listings on using data points like “Price per Remaining Mile” to sort thousands of vehicle listings by their price relative to the “remaining life” they have on the car. The Car Buyer Bot will help you reduce the amount of time you spend on research and make sure you find the car right for you.


Telegram Channel Update Bot

Communications, Personal, Business Continuity

Keeping yourself and those close to you up to date is important during a time where we rely more than ever on communication. With the Telegram API Bot, you can send periodic updates like market indices, stock availability, status updates, and much more to a Telegram channel.

Slack Notification Bot

Business Continuity, Communications, Productivity, Work from home

With many teams distributed or working from home, it is crucial to keep employees and teammates informed with timely and relevant updates and news. With the Slack Notification Bot, improve your cross-functional communication across your organization and ensure that the correct information is sent to the right Slack channels and individuals.

Excel Data Lookup Bot

Productivity, Business Continuity, Work from home

As companies adjust strategies to manage the day-to-day to ensure business continuity, the reliance and usage of data is much more prevalent. To help cut down the amount of time spent rifling through enormous amounts of data to get to the right information, the Excel Data Lookup Bot helps automate lookup tasks. With the Excel Data Lookup Bot, you can search and find data based on column/row number and header row/column. The included sample bot actions show you how to run the bot with various data lookup combinations.

Salesforce Report Extractor

Productivity, Business Continuity

Keeping your business running smoothly, especially in these times of COVID-19, requires having the right pulse on business and sales operations, customer service and support, pipeline activity, and other critical areas. The Salesforce Report Extractor bot pulls reports and sends them to the appropriate teams and people in your organization, so they are equipped with up-to-date information to make business decisions.

WhatsApp Broadcast Bot

Communications, Personal, Business Continuity, IT

Keeping digitally connected with people whether professional or personal is more important than ever. Businesses can simplify outreach to their customers, employees, and prospects by configuring automated broadcast notifications.

Telegram Broadcast Bot

Communications, Personal, Business Continuity

Whether you use Telegram on the web or on your phone, keep connected with your professional and personal contacts easily. This bot helps you automate crucial communications to all your broadcast lists and communities without manually having to message list by list.

Essentials Shopping Assistant


With everyday essentials such as wipes, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper running low at many retail stores, understanding what’s available and where can help you purchase what you need and cut down time going from store to store for items you need. With this bot, you can fill in a form of what you’re looking for and it will search online to identify which local stores have your desired items in stock and update you via email.

COVID-19 Local Advisories Bot (United States)

Personal, Work from Home, Business Continuity

With almost-daily COVID-19 updates at the local and national level regarding stay-at-home policies and other important information made available, staying on top of what you need to know can be overwhelming. This bot collects relevant policy information for your local area and also provides you with national and global stats about the coronavirus trends.

Remote Employee Cloud Backup Bot

Business Continuity, IT

Many companies today have gone to a complete remote work policy to meet social distancing guidelines. With employees distributed and using their personal Internet networks to connect and get work done, it’s important that their work is protected and backed up. This bot automates the process of helping employees set up cloud backups remotely.

Employee Communication Preferences Bot

Business Continuity, IT

With a diverse organization come diverse communication preferences. In order to ensure you reach every employee with business-critical notifications, you can automatically send communications to them the way they are most likely to consume it. This bot enables IT or HR to send a communication preferences email to employees, record the employees’ preferences, and subsequently ensure any emergency communication is delivered according to the desired method.

AWS Comprehend Sentiment Analysis Bot

Business continuity, Productivity, Work from home

To better respond to customer case emails and inquiries, understanding your customers’ sentiments can help you deliver a better experience and achieve higher customer satisfaction. This AI bot searches for certain keywords and phrases that can help in prioritizing and better responding to inquiries using AWS Comprehend.

Microsoft Azure Sentiment Analysis Bot

Business continuity, Productivity, Work from home

You may be experiencing a higher rate of customer emails, form submissions, and other inquiries during this time of uncertainty and changes in business services and operations. This AI bot uses Microsoft Azure to identify keywords and phrases in communications that can help in prioritizing or better responding to inquiries.

Remote Workforce Asset Inventory Management Bot

Business Continuity, IT, Work from home

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies moved to a work-from-home policy overnight. To understand what company assets your employees have in their possession in order to work effectively, this bot can automate sending an email to all of your employees, collect responses in a CSV file, and can be further configured to enter the information by employee into your IT asset management or employee record system.

Salesforce Contact Data Entry Bot

Productivity, Work from home, Business continuity

With businesses disrupted across all industries, maintaining a current pipeline is critical in ensuring healthy sales cycles during these times. Simplify and accelerate getting your contact lists into Salesforce with this bot so you can focus on quickly engaging, nurturing, and qualifying your leads.

Currency Convertor Bot

Productivity, Work from home, Personal

Make currency conversion calculations easier without bringing up apps or searching online. This bot performs real-time currency exchange of 32 different supported currencies. You can use this bot as a part of accounts receivable, accounts payable, quote to cash, procure to pay, tax accounting and any financial sales process automation.

Bot Starter Template


Have your own bot idea but need a starting point? This bot template provides you with the basic components that you need to build out your own bot.

Germany Kurzarbeit Short-time Work Filing

Business Continuity

Companies are rolling out short-work to reduce financial risk of low utilization caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The German government estimates a peak of 5.2 million employees affected. This bot helps companies lower their economic impact and operational risk in filing short-work applications by automating bulk import of core data, reducing errors, and preventing rejections while helping stay in compliance.

The free bots available for download on this webpage are reference bots and may require additional configuration and/or modification. These bots do not include access to applications or software outside of Automation Anywhere Community Edition. These bots are provided “as is,” “as available” and without any warranties of any kind. Your use of these bots is subject to the Community Edition terms & conditions and Automation Anywhere privacy policy.


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