Born in the cloud. Built for the future of business. This is automation, unleashed.

Automation 360 is a single, integrated platform that transcends front office and back office technology siloes to automate business processes across all systems and applications, including both SaaS and legacy apps.

Automation 360 Automation 360
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Leave no process or employee behind with end-to-end automation, powered by cloud

Automation 360 has you covered at all angles in the virtuous cycle of hyperautomation



Uncover and document the highest ROI automation opportunities with Discovery Bot. Crowd source your organization’s best bot ideas and best practices with Private Bot Store.

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Double your automatable processes by turning every piece of structured and unstructured data in any document into a consumable digital asset through AI and ML with IQ Bot.

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Take an accurate pulse on every bot and critical insights on every process in real time to enable data-driven decisions and enhancements with Bot Insight.

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At the heart of the platform, securely automate your repetitive processes with RPA Workspace. Cloud means you can democratize the power of automation with AARI digital assistants in a single at-scale deployment, instantly.

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Unify front and back office with ready-for-anything, access-from-anywhere, end-to-end automation

Delight employees and customers alike with automation-powered superior experiences

Front Office

Front Office

Raise your customer satisfaction score with automation that efficiently resolves customer issues and optimizes time spent with customers.

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Back Office

Back Office

Turn complex manual processes using legacy systems into streamlined automations, reducing human error and speeding digital transformation.

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Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Empower human ingenuity. Integrate automation into employees' day-to-day, freeing them from mundane tasks and increasing high-value productivity.

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Reap the benefits of a modern platform

Automate 2x more processes* out of the gate—from simple to highly complex business processes

>Automate 2x more processes out of the gate

Increase security, agility, and innovation at 1/5 of the cost* of infrastructure and maintenance of legacy on-premises and cloud-hosted solutions

The only cloud-native

Scale 3x faster* compared to any other platform, with reduced setup, bot creation, and bot deployment time


*IQ Bot’s pre-trained OOTB solutions for over 100 use cases of document extraction lead to 2x more process automation; AARI enables customers to automate 2x more processes than possible with only RPA
*1/5 cost: based only on estimated infrastructure and maintenance cost
*3X faster scaling: Based on estimated speeds of development, deployment and maintenance, compared with other RPA platforms
Actual results will vary by customer deployment

Solve your business challenges with Automation 360

Entrenched legacy apps

Begin your automation journey without having to change your existing technology. Gain efficiencies from Automation 360 working across both modern and legacy software.

The need for cloud

Speed up modernization of your on-premises enterprise technologies to SaaS solutions by automating data migration with Automation 360 for fast and accurate results.

Employee experience

Improve the employee experience with digital assistants for every employee to automate swivel-chair tasks.

Customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction with shorter processing times, more accurate data, and better customer service and support.

A complete 360-degree solution for every nuance

Security & governance

Automation 360 is ISO27001 and Soc 1 & 2 certified, providing the most comprehensive, multi-layered approach to security including identity and access management, data encryption, audit logs and monitoring, cloud infrastructure security, incident response, and application security.

AI/Machine learning

With AI and machine learning built into the platform, Automation 360 is continuously improving. You can even integrate third-party AI capabilities into your processes with drag and drop ease.

Pre-built Bots

Accelerate and scale automation with prebuilt bots from Bot Store, including more than 1200 prebuilt bots, packages, and digital workers, directly integrated with Automation 360.

Rich partner ecosystem

The extensible, pluggable Automation 360 architecture can easily integrate with additional enterprise solutions offered by our technology partners.

Leading companies trust Automation Anywhere

Andrew Davies

RPA is one of the key tools we have in our toolkit which enables broader digitization of our internal processes.

– Andrew Davies, CFO Quotes

Vikas Kapoor

RPA brought speed to our operations. The complex processes in treasury and tax are now more accurate and efficient.

– Vikas Kapoor, Senior Vice President, Finance Quotes

Cynthia Holmecki

Our corporate goal is to reach $22 billion of revenue by the year 2022. The only way to scale that much is to do things better. Automation is allowing us to do that.

– Cynthia Holmecki, Global Leader Intelligent Automation Solutions Quotes

Ravi Konda

It just took 3 weeks for small and medium-sized processes to be automated. The heaviest processes took only 9 weeks. The results were delivered fast, giving us the opportunity to assess the fast pace.

– Ravi Konda, Sr. Manager, IT Quotes

Richard Mendoza

Combining RPA with cognitive automation and analytics gives us the foundation to transform how we serve customers.

– Richard Mendoza, Automation Capabilities Leader Richard Mendoza

Jorge Ivan Otalvaro

Bank leadership is excited because we recovered our investment with a 1300% ROI within the first year.

– Jorge Ivan Otalvaro, VP Service Delivery and Operations Quotes

Kevin Tucceri

With the implementation of RPA for our billing portal, we’ve increased our efficiency and production, decreased processing costs, and scaled for the future.

– Kevin Tucceri, Business Process Owner, Credit & Collections Quotes

Joe Cotnoir

Once we got a few groups on board with RPA, that was really a game changer for us. People started to see the results and the excitement was contagious.

– Joe Cotnoir, Director HRIS—Business Process Enablement, HR Services Quotes

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Stanley Black & Decker
Juniper Networks

...and users love us!



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