Meet Q, Automation Anywhere’s digital Bot for robotic process automation. Q is dedicated to helping companies adopt an enterprise-grade, cognitive RPA platform capable of automating any business process to create a digital workforce with unprecedented speed and ease.

Q’s Shout-outs


With Bots handling much of RPA’s heavy lifting, it’s easy to lose sight of the real humans behind this important technology. Q regularly recognizes champions in the robotic process automation community for their contribution to furthering the use and understanding of robotic process automation to transform the way global businesses operate. If you know of someone deserving recognition for their contributions to the RPA community, please nominate them directly to

Pankajam Sridevi - Managing Director of ANZ Bengaluru Hub

Pankajam Sridevi leads an ANZ team of 7,000+ professionals supporting 17 countries in investment banking, trade/supply chain, commercial/corporate lending, payments, retail, and wealth operations. In addition to being a global role model for women in leadership, Pankajam has pioneered robotics process automation and cognitive learning in the banking industry and successfully led the implementation in ANZ’s delivery centers.

Dhruval Shah, Robotics- Service Realization - Product Development, AT&T

Dhruval Shah leads the telecommunications giant’s initiative to create a culture where business users have the necessary skills, resources, and time to automate routine and mundane tasks by creating robots to do the task-based work for them. Congratulations Dhruval!

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Case Studies


One of Australia’s leading banks is innovating on traditional banking by deploying Automation Anywhere to introduce a digital workforce. Read the case study here.

Shipping & Logistics

A global shipping and logistics company saves tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours monthly through Automation Anywhere. Read how they did it here.


Automation Anywhere saved 2,000 San Diego County workers from countless hours of “stare and compare” tasks. Check out the case study here.


  • IQ Bots
  • Meta Bots
  • Cognitive RPA
  • Citrix
  • VDI
  • New account opening
  • SAP
  • Mainframe
  • Oracle
  • Progress payments
  • Travel cards
  • Order-to-cash
  • EHR
  • HR onboarding
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Claims processing
  • Life insurance policies
  • Audit certificate

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Q loves:

  • Automating repetitive “stare and compare” tasks
  • Providing ROI in excess of 500% in six months
  • Tackling complex, scalable processes
  • Creating reusable building blocks to solve customer problems
  • Analyzing data to spot trends
  • Celebrating one of mankind's greatest achievements

Q dislikes:

  • Cutting and pasting from and to Excel
  • Reentering data manually
  • Invasive changes to legacy systems and applications