The NHS details their automation blueprint for public healthcare, with Automation Anywhere

NHS Automation Anywhere

Making work human: Public health systems innovating in a time of crisis

How the NHS is automating across a uniquely complex and essential organisation


What does it take to start automating while the ground is shifting beneath your feet?

Following a blueprint for entering the 21st century in a matter of days—not months or years—the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Europe’s largest employer, has become a beacon for the world on how automation can be built and delivered to conserve precious resources, and, ultimately, human lives.

The automation trajectory of the NHS is anticipated to save more than half a million hours a year in non-clinical staff time by 2025—the equivalent of 66 years of work.

This NHS RPA white paper series is a call to action to every healthcare system the world over to embrace technology and intelligent automation to better serve patients and staff.

NHS Book

The power of RPA as a force for good in healthcare

In the era of digital connectivity and on the cusp of radical global changes in the way healthcare is delivered, the NHS has stepped up to the plate to lead a collaborative, global approach to accelerate healthcare transformation worldwide.

In this first report, the NHS shares their experience and results swiftly introducing automation—in a matter of days—during a global pandemic and within a vast legacy healthcare system, alongside their detailed vision and plan of action for RPA to help achieve the potential of interoperable data and healthcare transformation.


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The NHS details their automation blueprint for public healthcare, with Automation Anywhere

NHS Automation Anywhere

Can automation make work more human?


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