Mobile Benefits on the Go

Smartphones entice us to snap photos, view videos, and connect with friends. The freedom of our mobile lifestyle allows us to be more expressive about who we are.

Our mobile lifestyle gives us immediacy to find someone to date, view train schedules, buy or sell stock, find available charge stations for our electric vehicles, get the latest news, read nearby restaurant menus, and much more. We can also accentuate our mobile lifestyle for our business interests — apply for a new job, change our work benefits, easily add items to an expense account, and be more productive at the job.

Finally, there’s an app for Automation Anywhere customers that delivers bot control, along with business insights, anywhere you go.

Your bots go where you go

Our new Automation Anywhere Mobile app gives you the control you need and is easy to use. Simply tap the app to start/stop and manage both your attended and unattended bots.

Calm the inner control freak with this one-of-a-kind app for staying instantly informed about what your bots are doing right this moment. Use the app to turn them on and off, or give them a break by pressing Pause. We've made it intuitive for you to connect with your active bots with a tap on your phone.

Accessing your return on investment (ROI) has never been easier. Our app delivers seamless, business-critical ROI insights in numbers and beautiful charts. With the app, you can immediately access real-time data from multiple departments and get an instant view on core business units with the center of excellence (CoE) dashboard.

Plus, you can access information about bot runtime, hours, and money saved. Whenever you need it, get an instant snapshot of business trends taking place to make educated, critical decisions.

Busy people deserve mobile solutions

As an Automation Anywhere customer, you can finally take back bot control while on the open road. Join people from every industry to actively control your bots and capture invaluable information from your business units while out and about.

Life pulls us in all directions. Now there’s an app that lives up to the speed of business, as well as upping the game for our always-on, mobile lifestyle.

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