Making AI More Accessible with the Cloud

Digital transformation is driving companies to acquire new business models, and the trend toward adopting cloud-based solutions continues to accelerate.

As evidence, IDC reports that nearly 50% of more than 5,000 businesses have already deployed or are planning to deploy enterprise business applications in the cloud. “Businesses must be prepared to run high-value processes in the cloud in order to reach levels of agility and scalability necessary to successfully compete in digital economies,” the report states.

Along with that, delivering an optimal end-user experience is taking center stage — in terms of both solutions and business models. As a result, enterprises must be agile in order to quickly adapt to changing customer expectations.

Businesses that introduce artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled automation and run their digital transformation initiatives in the cloud will have the most flexibility in deployment models — which will lead to faster time to value and unprecedented levels of scale.

Unlocking intelligent automation

Cloud automation removes barriers to automate business processes at scale, thanks to their ease of use and integrated AI capabilities. Whereas traditional RPA allows for automatically incorporating structured data into business processes, intelligent document processing solutions that integrate RPA with AI and capture capabilities enable automatic transformation of unstructured and semi-structured data.

As a web-based, cloud-native RPA solution, Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 combines the power of RPA, AI, and analytics to create a single intelligent process automation platform. As such, it delivers ease of use, low cost of ownership, and integrated AI capabilities.

Organizations can achieve faster time to value with an intuitive, modern, web-based interface optimized for every user, as well as ease of accessibility from any location and device, automatic updates, and pluggable API architecture that maximizes extensibility.

With its built-in AI packages, Enterprise A2019 enables intelligent automation for users by infusing the latest AI technologies into everyday business decisions.

Increasing productivity and cost efficiency

A critical piece in an enterprise’s digital transformation is the ability to automate processes end to end to achieve increased productivity and cost-effectiveness. This requires continually accessing and processing the growing amount of data that’s generated within the enterprise.

The big challenge, however, is that 80% of this business-critical data is “dark data,” most researchers agree, meaning it’s in the form of emails, chats, text, PDFs, and scanned documents. That makes it necessary for humans to intervene in the automation flow. Or does it?

This is where AI technologies, such as machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and deep learning, can be the catalyst in converting unstructured data into a structured form for seamless automated processing. And, when these AI technologies are available in the cloud, their adoption increases significantly.

In fact, Deloitte’s “State of AI in the Enterprise” report found that survey respondents consider enterprise software with AI “baked in” (nearly 60%) and cloud-based AI (nearly 50%) the easiest ways to acquire various AI capabilities for business. The report validates that the cloud truly democratizes AI by:

  • Removing expensive infrastructure needed to build and maintain AI and ML models
  • Lending computing power and on-demand scalability to handle data-intensive ML/deep learning processes
  • Making it easy to leverage pretrained models for accelerating AI implementation 

Automation Anywhere IQ Bot, supported in the latest version of Enterprise A2019, is fully operational in the cloud, further advancing intelligent document processing for business users.

IQ Bot combines RPA with multiple AI technologies to intelligently capture, classify, and extract semi-structured and unstructured data from a variety of complex document types. As such, it allows business processes to be automated end to end.

With a library of pretrained use cases for common business document types — including invoices, purchase orders, insurance claims, and more — IQ Bot helps users automate faster. And, the supervised learning ability in IQ Bot continuously improves extraction accuracy and straight through processing (STP) as it learns from human-in-the-loop validations.

IQ Bot: Solving invoice processing in the cloud

Finance and accounting professionals often identify lengthy invoice approval times as one of the top challenges holding back their accounts payable departments.

Combining RPA and AI in the cloud can reduce procure-to-pay pressures and help accelerate invoice process automation. One example of this is the Automation Anywhere Cloud Invoice Processing solution. This prepackaged solution can be hosted on both public and private clouds and requires zero install, which eliminates the tedious and cost-intensive setup to run and maintain AP processes.

With an intuitive interface for training and running processing models in the cloud, the Cloud Invoice Processing solution truly enables business users and facilitates easily scalable automation of invoice processing.

Cloud-native, intelligent automation platforms hold the key to transforming both front office automation and back-office workplace productivity, as well as helping organizations in all industries achieve scalability in process automation.

With purpose-built solutions, Automation Anywhere is helping organizations — no matter where they are in their digital transformation journey — supercharge their automation initiatives with cloud-native RPA and AI for document processing.

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