Bots in Your Pocket: 6 Reasons to Download the World’s Only Mobile App for Bots

At the end of what’s been a long few days, I’ve got just one more meeting before I can head out for the weekend. And I’m ready. I even made it to the restaurant first. But as I’m watching my boss exit his car through the glass windows, my phone rings. I check a text and discover a senior employee is leaving and, for security reasons, we need to immediately remove him from 10 critical systems.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Instead of this being another last-minute crisis, I smiled and thought, “There’s an app for that.” We use a software bot to manage these kinds of permissions. With just a few clicks on my phone, I had it taken care of before my boss reached the table.

Available on iTunes and Google Play, the Automation Anywhere Mobile app is the first and only Robotic Process Automation (RPA) mobile app that allows you to access and control business activities and insights.

This free app gives you real-time access to your RPA for instant information on cost savings, data for multiple departments, bot activity, and which bots had the most successful run. You can even easily take control of both your attended bots that need human monitoring and your unattended bots that complete full tasks without human intervention.  

Top 6 mobile app intelligent automation benefits

  1. Manage bots from anywhere you have an internet connection
    With a tap of a button, the Automation Anywhere RPA app delivers both business and operational insights you need, with the additional flexibility to easily start and stop bots and Digital Workers.

  2. Get up-to-the-minute ROI for each of your bots
    Our new RPA app quickly and easily delivers both business and operational insights for decision-makers. That means you’ll have a near-instant answer any time your senior executives ask about the cost savings from your RPA program. When they want even more details, just swipe left to view the Center of Excellence (CoE) dashboard that will show you the hours saved for each process.

  3. Visualize your data
    The evolution of business insights represents a broader trend in business communication. Bot data from business units, sales, operations, and customer feedback is accessible in beautiful charts. See the trends taking place and make decisions from what you see in a visualized format.

  4. Stay on track with alerts
    Set custom alerts so you’re notified if you need to pay attention to any of your bots while you’re busy with other things. You can always know when a bot has finished its task or if a bot has a question.

    And, take note: All bots are not created equal. Attended bots need human input at certain times before they can complete tasks. For example, you might want to know every time your bot processes an invoice that totals more than $10,000. With alerts in place, you’ll know you need to review and authorize the payment before it gets sent out.

  5. Intelligent automation in IQ Bot
    Intelligent automation can be defined as RPA combined with artificial intelligence (AI). Intelligent automation rolls up data relating to user intent, predictions, dark data, and analytics, transforming what can be done with rules-based decision-making into more intuitive AI capabilities.

    IQ Bot gives you a cognitive system that extracts information from a variety of printed documents. It scans data quickly and accurately from a variety of sources.

    For example, you may want data on a bill of lading in your warehouse. Rather than embarking on a time-consuming manual data extraction, you can simply take a photo of the document and select the right bot for processing.

  6. Industrial-grade security
    Protect your company’s knowledge base with our class-leading RPA platform. Our mobile RPA solution delivers an industrial-strength RPA security architecture and centralized controls that exceed the compliance and governance requirements of global companies. The app swiftly detects problems or fraud so you can take action to prevent breaches.



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