Job Scheduling

Job scheduling helps streamline and consolidate various business and IT processes.

Automation Anywhere screens the complexity of business and IT task scheduling and batch processing. It enables scheduling of tasks across any application. Trigger functionality allows immediate response to specified events and task chaining allows users to schedule multiple tasks. The Automation Anywhere scheduler offers the users a number of scheduling options, as well as a comprehensive reporting feature that gives the user details about the scheduled task like a start time and an end time, email alerts upon completion, logs of any errors while running the task, etc.

Examples of Job Scheduling

  • Trend analysis reports to be generated periodically and to send an email automatically upon completion.
  • Alerts or emails when stock levels go below a certain limit.
  • Users can schedule migrating data between databases or applications.
  • IT divisions can auto-schedule server maintenance.
  • In the R&D industry, lab tests can be scheduled to run automatically
  • Stock broking firms can schedule daily/monthly reports of customer portfolios, net worth and other stock market trend analysis reports.
  • Creation of customer databases from the web server.
  • Sending out emails to a list of customers/prospects at scheduled date and time.
  • Daily extract of mutual fund information from a website.
  • Extract restaurant data from a website.

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Customer Case Study: Kalmar RT Center, LLC

Kalmar's challenge was to automate the crucial day-end process in their MRP system—including updating nightly reports—and free up employee evenings. Automation Anywhere's no-programming interface enabled Kalmar to save $14,000 per year.

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