IT Automation

Today the fundamental problem facing IT organizations worldwide is that IT complexity is increasing faster than IT budgets. IT is challenged with maintaining a complex infrastructure of diverse systems and application running on mainframes, desktops, databases, and servers.

Automate any task, perform installations, monitor servers, andautomate administration tasks like creating users, deleting files, setting up printers, etc.

Automation Anywhere is the only software you need: a powerful, easy to use, no-programming automation solution providing users with a range of tools and capabilities. An easy to use interface with a drag and drop editor, web automation technology, database, FTP, file management actions, and more allows users to visually create, manage, and deploy automated processes quickly and reliably.

Why Automation Anywhere?

  1. Thousands of users, including many Fortune 500 companies, in more than 90 countries use our products to automate IT tasks.
  2. It allows you to automate IT tasks in just minutes.
  3. There's no programming required.
  4. You can run automated tasks on one computer or use the "task to EXE" feature and distribute and run tasks on many computers.
  5. You'll get strong password protection and industry standard encryption to ensure task security.

2 easy ways to automate


Simply record your actions. Automation Anywhere will automatically create the task for you. SMART Automation Technology® ensures that task will continue to run even if desktop settings, windows size, window location, keyboard settings, etc. change. For Web-only tasks, use the advanced Web Recorder tool.

User task editor with point-&-click action wizards

Use Point & Click action wizards to create several common system administration tasks. See a variety of examples below.

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Some sample tasks in IT automation:

Customer Case Study: Capital Communications Federal Credit Union

Managing its database for daily updates and backups was one of challenges faced by Capital Communications. Automation Anywhere's no-programming solution enabled them to overcome both human error and daily manual intervention & saved the credit union valuable work hours.

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