Automation Anywhere University: Declare a new major in RPA and do the bot dance

Written by Arvind Thothadri in Changing the world with automation on February 13, 2019
Automation Anywhere University

Robots are everywhere in popular culture–in the latest Hollywood/Bollywood movies, in music videos, in commercials, in cutting-edge companies, and now in the virtual classrooms. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software bots are deployed to make our world a much faster, more efficient, intelligent, safer, and happier place. Bots can be found in almost every industry where they analyze data to support faster development of new drugs for biopharma companies, reinvent personal banking by automating many customer support functions, and help define the future of the human workforce. Now, anyone can learn how to leverage bots to augment their work environment and become a more efficient, effective and happier employee.

A skill for today and tomorrow

Are you ready to reap the benefits of RPA? Start your RPA education at Automation Anywhere University (AAU)—the global education center for the world’s most-widely deployed Digital Workforce from Automation Anywhere. We offer role-based courses ranging from beginner to expert level, to help you gain most in-demand skills to edge out the competition in an ever-evolving job market. No matter where you are in life—location- and career-wise—with our online courses, you can take a step towards transforming the way you work, today.

Learning by Doing

Over 150,000+ students, business professionals, and developers world-wide have taken advantage of the courses and certifications offered by AAU. And we are ready to take their learning experience to the next level.

Using the deep experience of 1600+ large scale enterprise RPA deployments, we have created a virtual lab experience to upskill professionals by giving them hands-on RPA training based on real-life enterprise scenarios. After enrollment and completion of AAU courses and learning trails, users will be able to access the Automation Anywhere lab to test their skills. Virtual Lab exercises are available online and do not require any installation. All registered users on Automation Anywhere University will get access to this lab.

Once a user enrolls into a lab exercise, a private computing environment with pre-installed Automation Anywhere commands is generated within a few minutes. All exercises include a manual to describe exercise objective, user commands, and steps to automate an operation. Virtual Lab takes care of all heavy loading such as preparing computing environment, pre-requisites, and installation of Automation Anywhere Enterprise application so the user can focus on learning RPA and get required hands on experience to develop competencies in Automation Anywhere. These environments are available for 14 days from the setup time.

Get on the fast track to automation

Ready to get started? Enroll in one of our many courses such as ‘Break the Ice: An introduction to creating your first bot’, ‘Hello Bot: Introduction to RPA’, ‘Jumpstart to Automation Anywhere: Fast track accreditation for developers’ or many more. Visit our website to discover more at

Change the world for better with automation

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, automation will drive between 75 and 375 million people to reskill themselves by 2030. RPA as a category will be a key job skill driving humans to reach further in all our pursuits. Armed with the certification from Automation Anywhere University, you will have gained top-tier skills that will be key to job stability. Since both Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups are looking for people with hands-on RPA experience, you will be given the preference to career opportunities in the radically new software bot universe. Get ahead with RPA!