Government & Education Industry

Governmental agencies and educational institutions often deal with large quantities of data and multiple applications. Automating their data transfer, acquiring real time information from the Web or any other application, and automating manual, time consuming tasks like billing or form-filling, helps these organizations reach greater efficiencies and make better strategic decisions. Automation Anywhere can help you automate these processes securely, reliably and easily, without any programming, resulting in less time delays and reduced human errors.

Automation Anywhere allows for remote deployment and centralized management of automated tasks. Customers realize immediate cost benefits as well as substantial resource savings.

Customer Case Study: Ministry of Economy and Finance of Brazil - Brasília

Country of Brazil Automates Business Intelligence using Automation Anywhere. Entire country benefits from more efficient, mission-critical treasury reporting processes. ROI: By automating their daily report generation alone, Treasury Bureau Analysts save over 150 hours per week.

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