SMART Email Automation

Email management gets simpler with SMART email automation from Automation Anywhere. Automate common email functions and simultaneously manage several email accounts from as many mail servers as you want.

No unattended emails. No information overloaded. Only powerful email automation.

Automatically download emails from multiple servers and/or multiple accounts

Automation Anywhere supports POP3 and IMAP servers.

Download email details for specifics like From, To, Cc, Subject, Message.

Delete unwanted emails automaticallyfrom the server itself to prevent your inbox from being overloaded.

Save email attachments into local folders.

Advanced security features to secure your data.

Overwrite older email attachments with newer ones.

Automatically send emails to a list of recipients from your database.

Seamless email integration with csv or text files.

Customers share their use cases:

Customer #1

A salesperson receives an email with the P.O in PDF format with a specific subject. Automation Anywhere email automation trigger is set to watch for a particular subject line. As soon as the email arrives, Automation Anywhere downloads the attachment, moves it to a backup server, scrapes all the information from the attachment and enters it in a CRM and QuickBooks. It then auto-generates an invoice and emails it to the sales person.

Customer #2

An organization monitors more than 600 servers. Email notification is sent every 3 hrs to an email account if the server is down. As soon as the email arrives, the email needs to be scraped and a ticket is raised in the ticketing system.

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