Delete rows from Excel spreadsheet based on specific criteria

Task Description

Automation Anywhere provides easy Excel Automation. For more information see Excel Automation Solution. This examples shows how to delete rows from an Excel sheet if the cell contains a specific word.


To see how the task runs in Automation Anywhere, download the files.

T28.atmx  Delete-Rows.xls

Note: Save the xls in C: drive, the .atmx file in My Documents -> Automation Anywhere -> Automation Anywhere -> My Tasks

Below are the steps that make the Task:

Create new task

  • Click on New -> Task Editor.

Open Excel file

  • From Application Category->Excel, Select 'Open Spreadsheet' option

Create Variable

  • Click on Tools -> Variable Manager. Create variable Cell1 of type "value".

Loop through all the rows until the word 'STOP' is found

  • Insert Loop for variable "Cell1" not equal to "STOP".

IF Command

  • Insert If command to compare value of variable to specified criteria (For this task specified criteria is 'automation')

Delete the row if the criteria matches

  • If Criteria matches delete the entire row
    Excel: Delete Active Cell with option entire row

Close Spreadsheet

  • Insert the Close spreadsheet command.
  • Uncheck the 'Do not save the changes' checkbox to save changes.


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3


Screenshot 4

When you run this task, it loops through all the cells in the first column in excel sheet until word 'STOP' is found. If it matches criteria given by user then it will delete that particular row from excel sheet.

Note: You can run this task on any column. Simply keep the cell in that column selected before you run the task.