22% decrease
in AP cycle time

16% improvement
in audit lead time

21% increase
in client satisfaction



Cartus is the trusted industry leader, guiding clients through thousands of corporate relocation programs, large and small, unique and complex. 3,500 global Cartus employees provide relocation services in more than 185 countries.


Cartus wanted to “remove the robot” from the daily duties of its employees, who were spending more time performing repetitive tasks, such as compiling data, instead of analyzing it. These tedious processes diminished focus, speed of execution, and overall work satisfaction ultimately impacting the overall customer service experience. Cartus decided to invest in RPA to eliminate repetitive tasks and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

"Automation drives improved quality and speed of execution. Both are critical to delivering excellent customer service.”


— Shelley Pitser, VP of Operations Accounting


Data Processing


Cartus participated in a 6-month pilot program specific to finance and accounting functions. Employees were asked to identify the repetitive tasks within their processes, which were consequently automated based on their feedback. After RPA deployment, employees experienced higher satisfaction by engaging in the more rewarding human elements of their job. The goal was to implement 10 bots into production, but ultimately 26 were deployed to run daily.


Cartus employees have really embraced RPA and liked the idea of automating the previously repetitive tasks they had to perform. They are much happier analyzing data rather than compiling it into reports. The improvements in quality, consistency and speed is providing value to clients, customers, suppliers and employees. The success of the 6-month pilot program influenced Cartus into expanding the program to the entire organization. A Center of Excellence was established, made up of subject matter experts from all areas of the company. They paired those who were new to RPA with seasoned CoE members from the pilot to accelerate learning.

CoE members evangelized RPA and worked with the business to initiate and submit ideas for automation. Their knowledge also helped with decision-making prioritization.

When the pilot was launched, it was driven by the business and supported by IT with business developers supported by a third-party provider.

As Cartus moves to expand RPA to the entire organization, the technical ownership was transitioned to IT, as they had a better vision and ability to incorporate the technology into the suite of systems used.

"Having RPA as a new tool has opened up more opportunities to say yes to our client and customer requests.”


— Shelley Pitser, VP of Operations Accounting


Now that RPA has proven successful for Cartus’ finance and accounting departments, they are proceeding with a global RPA expansion. They've been able to establish bot benchmarks and can state how well bots are performing and directly tie these metrics to business performance, allowing Cartus to make more strategic decisions about the best way to apply RPA technology going forward.

Cartus hopes to expand its RPA program to include AI capabilities by adding Automation Anywhere IQ Bot in the next few years and continuing leveraging Automation Anywhere as a key partner to help grow the program for the foreseeable future.

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