A New Tool to Automate Better, Faster

It takes more than just award-winning, transformative technology to scale automation across an organization globally to improve customer satisfaction, profitability, and efficiency. Ensuring your strategy, people, and processes are mature enough to help you scale is also required to maximize your return on your automation investment.

With that in mind, Automation Anywhere has launched the new RPA Maturity Assessment designed to evaluate the maturity of your RPA program and identify what you need to have in place to effectively expand automation across your company.

How the tool works

The assessment is for organizations interested in maximizing the return on their RPA investment. You’ll be asked 12 multiple-choice questions to rate your organization’s RPA maturity. The questions cover four key areas: vision and strategy, organization and people, process and measurement, and architecture and technology. The answer options come complete with explanatory notes to help you get a comprehensive understanding of how organizations scale to mature RPA programs.

Once you’re done answering the questions, a custom report will be emailed to you within a few minutes. We recommend that the automation lead and a business sponsor in your organization take the assessment together. IT and business need to work together to understand where they are and align on where they want to go with automation.

How the assessment can help you

There are four phases of RPA program maturity for any organization: onboard, start, scale, and transform. Based on your answers, each area of your program will be classified into one of those phases. Regardless of where your RPA program lands on the journey, Automation Anywhere is here to help you maximize the return on your automation investment.


Organizations at this stage have just started with basic automation for tactical needs. Long-term vision, strategy, and a roadmap do not yet exist. Certain skills, processes, or technology are likely not yet present.


Some success has been derived from automation. The value and potential of organization-wide RPA are recognized. Efforts to scale RPA are not yet coordinated across leadership. Certain skills, processes, or technology may not yet be present.


Several process-level use cases across multiple functions have been implemented, and significant value is realized. The RPA journey roadmap is defined, viewed as strategic to success, and supported across leadership. Plans are in action to build world-class capabilities.


RPA is embedded across the organization globally. World-class RPA capabilities are present across many departments and lines of business. RPA is being leveraged to differentiate products and services and drive innovation across all facets of the enterprise.

Organizations may find one area of their RPA program in one stage of the journey and another area in an earlier or later stage. For example, you may be ready to scale your bot-building resources, but your infrastructure may still be in an early stage. We have found that deficiencies in a particular area are one of the common reasons why organizations have difficulties scaling. All areas must be at the same level to take any area to the next one. In this example, a standardized infrastructure is required before you can safely and effectively add more teams to your bot-building resources.

The report will provide you an evaluation of what it means for your RPA program to be in a particular phase for each given area. You’ll receive the specific recommendations to help you progress your RPA program to the next level and achieve a comprehensive, long-term view towards RPA maturity.

In addition, the report will provide a broad menu of Automation Anywhere resources you can take advantage of to augment your knowledge as you rev up on automation. To see how top organizations have achieved accelerated results with the help of RPA and AI, read our Now & Next: State of RPA report.

Still preparing for the journey?

This tool is also helpful for those still exploring RPA and not yet ready for the journey. If that’s you, you’ll be guided on how to envision the path ahead, plan for kick-starting automation, prep your organization, enlist the champions in leadership teams, and identify processes that are best suited for early success so that you can get started on the right foot.

The time to automate is now

The RPA Maturity Assessment can help you fast-track your digital transformation and free your business from mundane, manual tasks. It’s a journey that can lead to improved profitability, greater efficiency, and a better work experience for everyone involved.

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