Especially during a global pandemic, it is crucial to broadcast updates to people in a language they can understand. Worldwide, there are many organizations such as non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), government, health, and law enforcement that have valid and important information on their websites, with no resources available to help translate text into different languages.


Provide a free cloud trial of a bot that performs an automated replication of a website into different languages. The languages could be maintained by any interface, such as an Excel spreadsheet.

The bot could work in unattended or attended mode by saving a complete website either via the browser or with utilities including menu navigation, subdirectories, and content available for the website developer. The languages would be contained in an Excel spreadsheet, which could be used for looping the bot through all the languages and as a secondary loop, the bot would look through all available sub directories, labels, and hypertext references (HREFs). Within the two loops the bot could create a language-specific copy which reflects the original complete web site structure with all its elements. Content could then be posted to any intelligent machine learning (ML) translation service like DeepL and the bot would take the translated text and place it within the copied web site for that specific language. Additionally, the bot could embed any artificial intelligence (AI) based service to help the blind or those who cannot read to speak out the written text in that language.


Websites could be easily translated and replicated into many languages

Important information can be distributed to a diverse group of people

Audio translations for the blind or illiterate


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