Data integration / Data automation

It’s all about the data. Reliable data at the right time in the format you need, makes all the difference in serving your customers, meeting deadlines, communicating with suppliers, making the right decisions and generating profits. Companies spend a large portion of employee time transferring data between applications, importing or exporting data from web, etc. Apart from being time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone, this ties up valuable employee time.

Automation Anywhere can automatically transfer data between applications and within applications, as well as import or export data in various formats. It can read data from any data source and enter it into multiple applications or websites, eliminating double data entry. It can even transfer data from a custom database to Excel, or from one database to another. No programming is required.

Easy to use drag and drop actions, wizard based approaches, sample tasks and data transfer templates allow users to automate the entire process in minutes, opening the door for immediate cost benefits.

Scenario 1:

Users can get data from multiple sources and different formats and use Automation Anywhere to translate them to Excel in a pre-defined format.


Scenario 2:

Automation Anywhere can take data from various databases, web, and in-house applications, collate them, and then generate detailed reports automatically.



  • Transfer data from database
  • Transfer data from Excel

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Customer Case Study: TravelPro®

Using Automation Anywhere, TravelPro was able to automate importing sales orders into the ERP system, processing sales orders more efficiently and accurately. They eliminated the need for hiring extra personnel to handle the nightly process.

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