Database Automation

No programming. Any database. Flexible integration.

Data drives today’s businesses, and managing databases often involves complex planning, time management, and system-wide routine task implementation. Database automation helps enterprises better manage their database operations, reducing down-times as well as the overall time taken in database management.

Automation Anywhere works with any SQL database, like Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, SQL DB2, etc. Unlike other automation solutions, it does not require significant training. Easy-to-use yet powerful, it can automate any database task.

Scenario 1:

Transfer, update or maintain data in databases.


  • Ease the burden of database administration by using Automation Anywhere to automate tasks to run during off hours, thereby easing the burden of database administration, during peak hours or planned outages.
  • Database administrators can automatically generate reports with custom parameters.
  • Set up triggers to alert you when certain database tasks are disrupted, etc., even when scheduled to run automatically during off-hours.
  • Simple drag and drop technology with over 270+ commands empowers users to automate small or complex tasks easily and quickly.

Scenario 2:

Automation Anywhere can take data from various databases, web & in-house applications, collate them, & then generate detailed reports automatically.


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Example of Database Automation

Customer Case Study: Capital Communications Federal Credit Union

Managing its database for daily updates and backups was one of challenges faced by Capital Communications. Automation Anywhere's no-programming solution enabled them to overcome both human error and daily manual intervention & saved the credit union valuable work hours.

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