Create Interactive Test Scripts

Task Description

Create interactive test scripts


Note: Save the .atmx file in My Documents -> Automation Anywhere -> Automation Anywhere -> My Tasks


Record a new task

  • The following example is recorded on Tethys Support page to illustrate how you can use Automation Anywhere to create interactive test scripts.
  • Start recording a new task by clicking on 'Record' button
  • Go to the website you want to test
  • Fill out various parts of the form using keystrokes and mouse clicks.
  • Stop recording.

Make the task interactive

  • Automation Anywhere provides a feature where you can easily convert your keystroke actions into a prompt.
  • Select any keystroke action, right click it and select 'Convert to Prompt'
  • Specify your own message that you want Automation Anywhere to display when you run the task.
  • Now, when you run this task, instead of playing the recorded keystrokes, it will prompt the user for the input. You can put in different values to test different scenarios in your websites/applications.
  • The prompt window when you run the task will look as shown in Screenshot 3 where you can enter different values every time you run the task


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3

When you run this task it plays back your recorded actions. Whenever it comes across a prompt command, it will prompt the user for the input and will insert the values provided by the user into the target application.