Tethys Solutions unveils Integration Pack for top selling “Automation Anywhere” software.

Nov 10, 2008

Tethys Solutions, a leader in desktop and enterprise automation software, debuts the Automation Anywhere Integration Pack, the latest release of the developer’s innovative automation software for business processes and IT tasks. A powerful extension of the bestselling Automation Anywhere Enterprise edition, the Integration Pack provides a simple “drag and drop” functionality for integration that requires no programming, and a new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature for capturing images or pictures, converting them into text and transferring the data into other applications.

The Automation Anywhere Integration Pack is compatible with many popular applications, including Microsoft Office, Firefox, DOS command prompt, Java Application and Applets, Telnet, Unix Shell, and many others.

“The Automation Anywhere Integration Pack makes life even easier for the enterprise computer user by saving time and money spent on performing repetitive tasks and increasing process reliability and speed, while diminishing human errors,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO, Tethys Solutions. “As people become busier and busier in the office, there is a growing demand for quick and efficient ways to complete critical time-consuming tasks. We’re excited to provide individuals and entire organizations with a solution that is sure to help them be more efficient while contributing positively to their bottom line.”

Automation Anywhere

Tethys Solutions’ pioneering Automation Anywhere software caters to users at various levels of PC familiarity, from individuals with a home office to IT professionals. Designed for ease-of-use, Automation Anywhere permits users to automate without writing code. Innovative and intuitive wizard-based tools allow the most complex tasks to be simply automated.

Available in three versions, Standard, Premier and Enterprise, Automation Anywhere is powered by Tethys Solutions’ SMART Automation Technology, which intelligently executes automated tasks across multiple machines, allowing for variations in systems, application loading times and internet speeds.

Automation Anywhere Key Features

  • Unique SMART Automation Technology for fast automation of complex tasks with no programming required
  • Record keyboard and mouse or use point and click wizards to create automated tasks in minutes
  • Task to SMART Exe capability to easily distribute task on other computers (Premier and Enterprise versions only)
  • Web recorder and Web data extraction
  • Powerful task scheduling and auto login capability to run scheduled task even when computer is locked
  • More than 300 actions, such as Internet, conditional, loop, prompt, file management, database and system with faster speeds, automatic email notifications, task chaining, hotkey, variables and logging, etc.


“Automation Anywhere easily enables us to integrate and automate the student enrollment processes across disparate applications,” said Scott D. Riley, CFO/COO, SRC Solutions Inc. “The Automation Anywhere solution is ground breaking when utilized with our EZ School Registration platform. We have integrated student mainframe applications with EZSR in a matter of days.”

Pricing and Availability

The Automation Anywhere Integration Pack requires an Automation Anywhere Enterprise license. Automation Anywhere Enterprise is available for $2,495.95, and the Enterprise plus the Integration Pack for $3,490.95. All Automation Anywhere versions are available for purchase and free trial at the official website, www.AutomationAnywhere.com.

About Tethys Solutions

Tethys Solutions is a leader in Automation Software, with customers in more than 90 countries. The company’s user-friendly automation software technology enables fast automation of simple and complex tasks, without any programming. The company’s loyal customers include a full range Fortune 500 companies, thousands of medium and small business, entrepreneurial startups, financial and healthcare companies, city, state and federal governments and leading education institutes. For more information on Tethys Solutions, please visit http://www.AutomationAnywhere.com/company/about.htm.


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