Man vs. Machine “Debate of the Decade” Coming to NASSCOM BPM Strategy Summit

SAN JOSE, CA – Sep 22, 2015

Automation Anywhere, a pacesetting provider of robotic process automation (RPA) software capable of automating virtually anything, today announced they will be presenting the RPA perspective for what’s been dubbed the “Debate of the Decade”: what the future workplace looks like as the man-robot partnership escalates and robots handle increasing levels of knowledge-worker tasks. The session will take place as part of NASSCOM’s BPM Strategy Summit being held September 24-25 in Bengaluru, India.


As global service delivery models change, “Debate of the Decade: Man vs. Machine or Man and Machine,” will provide real-world accounts of how organizations are effectively harnessing the value of software bots as a new way to provide value to clients, increase fungible capacity, and streamline business operations. Panelists will address topics such as how to maximize value with RPA, how a man machine partnership works, and the key implications for BPM.


Among those speaking are Pankajam Sridevi, Managing Director at ANZ Bangalore, who will describe her experiences, lessons learned, and successes deploying RPA in Bangalore and other global hubs, and Ankur Kothari, Automation Anywhere Co-Founder and Head of Global Sales and Customer Operations, who will present an RPA provider’s perspective. Rajesh Ranjan, Partner at Everest Group, will moderate the discussion.


“Deploying a digital workforce in BPM creates a tremendous opportunity for business transformation with RPA,” said Kothari. “By leveraging cognitive-capable robotic process automation (RPA) technology—which enables the deployment of software bots— companies can automate knowledge work of any type within days, streamlining processes and eliminating potential for error, among a host of other benefits. This discussion will undoubtedly provide a clear picture of the future workforce, and will give business leaders a good deal to ponder as they consider their own transformative strategies.”


According to the event website, this year’s NASSCOM BPM Summit aims to “debate how the ecosystem of Digital Service specialists is evolving right across the services spectrum, with the emergence of digitally-empowered BPM services in horizontal areas such as finance, procurement, supply chain and HR, through to industry domain specialties, such as financial services, healthcare, life sciences, retail and manufacturing.”


The “Debate of the Decade” session will take place September 25 at 10:30 a.m. IST. For more information, visit


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